I’m finally working up to admitting to myself how psychologically challenging the last few months have been. And it seems that the difficulties are far from over.

It’s more than just living with restrictions. There is a sense of fear and uncertainty. We are forced to question whether we are essential (!) and are repeatedly told there will be a “new normal” that is sterile and isolating. The news reports are brimming with ill omens and awful news, reinforcing the dysfunction they claim to oppose.

Sometimes it’s nice to remember the good times.

Country music, especially classic country, embodies and glorifies a vision of America that is friendly, moral (most of the time), hardworking and honest.

Sometimes the songs are quite funny and hit close to home, like when the whole family comes over for dinner but everyone has to leave when it’s time to do the dishes.

Still, we want them to come back again soon.

Or sometimes we find solace in the blues, knowing we are not alone.

And then occasionally you find an old tune that shows you how timeless some things are.

“I done seen better days but I’m puttin’ up with these.” Sounds about right.

Country on the radio

I’d like to give a shoutout to 94.9 Jethro FM — a great classic country station that’s local to Grand Rapids (1530 on the AM dial, 94.9 FM in Grand Rapids, 99.5 in Lowell, or listen online).

I am proud to be one of the many local advertisers supporting the station. You can listen for my ad, but there is a lot more on the station to enjoy.

They play a huge variety and are a great way to find new (old) country music you like.

I’d highly recommend checking them out.

There are some real gems out there.