I was feeling a bit cooped up during this lockdown. So I hatched a plan to keep myself occupied.

This has given me a much greater appreciation for construction.

After a brooding over it a bit I drew up plans for a new chicken coop that I would build from scratch. One that wouldn’t run a-fowl of the permit rules or raise the neighbors’ hackles.

This one has space to accommodate a few more hens, a better roost so the hens will be comfortable, ventilation that I can close in the winter, and removable flooring to make cleaning easier.

This was a big project for me. I’ve gained a new appreciation for the difficulties of designing and building something. And this is basically just a box with no electricity or plumbing.

Like every project (at least that I’ve done), you reach a point where you hit a wall and get frustrated. But I kept going anyway and learned in the process. It helped that my wife, Katie, kept egging me on. (The garage can’t be a construction site forever, apparently).

And after a few weekends of working on it in the summer heat, the chickens have finally come home to roost.

Hopefully I haven’t ruffled any feathers with the puns.

You might think the jokes about chicken coops are bad, but keep this in mind: they’ve got layers!

By the way: if you’re interested in backyard chickens, I would be glad to share what I know with you. On the real estate side of things, it’s helpful to be aware of the rules in your local area. But I’m also happy to just talk about what’s it’s like to keep them generally. Just call or text.