Shelley Silva - Featured Agent

Shelley Silva, 616 Realty’s master of negotiation

Art by definition is when someone combines design elements that harmonize together to create something unique and powerful; ​616 Real Estate Agent Shelley Silva​ is an artist, not in the traditional sense of the word, but in the world of buying and selling houses. She has studied and mastered the art of negotiation and people skills, and when she puts them together, it’s a masterpiece.


Growing up

Shelley Silva’s negotiation skills started long before her 8 year career in real estate. In fact, it was something ​Silva​ started and fell in love with as a child. She and her dad would go to flea markets and garage sales where she learned the subtle but intricate trade of negotiation. “It became like a game,” Silva shared.


Starting in college and continuing today, she reads as many negotiation books as she can get her hands on. She utilized them as a district manager in chemical sales. After taking a break to raise her children, she got back into the game. Now, after many hands-on negotiation experiences as an agent with ​616 Realty​, she has honed her craft. (She is a wife and mother too, so she has gotten plenty of practice negotiating at home as well.)


Tips of the trade

She manages the art of negotiation with these proven strategies, among others:

  • positive attitude and demeanor
  • ‘small gives’ to help everyone meet in the middle
  • don’t accept the first offer—see what they come back with
  • make sure you cover the features and benefits and then accentuate the positives
  • when buying, start super low and start high when selling
  • if giving a concession, be prepared to ask for something
  • keep it friendly and positive—“I don’t want to offend anyone because I want to be able to do business with them again. I want to be able to go to Meijer’s and see that person and say hello.”

Going to war

One of the reasons ​Shelley​ went into real estate was to work with and help people. She finds it extremely rewarding when she helps clients. It’s important to her that she understands what their wants and needs are, and then she “goes to war” for her clients. “For buyers… …I try to save them every penny. And for sellers, I hold a lot of open houses, help them stage and be strategic to get them top dollar.” She also believes firmly in the ​golden rule-​ -treating others like she would like to be treated–“…I think about how I would handle things if I was buying that house.”


616 Realty

Silva feels very lucky to be part of the ​616 Realty​ team and to work with Broker, ​Scot Kellogg​ where the golden rule is standard. “He has been so positive… He supports his agents and has their backs. 616 Realty is doing so well because of Scot’s leadership and his desire to make 616 the absolute best with a top notch management team, cutting edge technology and meetings to keep the agents updated on new items. 616 Realty is extremely progressive and I feel like I am really, really blessed to land this job at such a good company.”


Shelley’s advice to buyers and sellers

“Make sure you have an agent you are comfortable with and that you trust. You need to get to know them, and they need to know you, so together you can make good decisions.”

She also recommends a 3-6 month timeline for a home search in order to discover what a person likes and what they don’t need. She also thinks it important to know and prepare for the fact that, “there is no such thing as a perfect house, but you shouldn’t have to settle.” If you are selling, her biggest piece of advice is, “take one-third to one-half of your stuff and put it in storage, that way buyers can see themselves in your home.”


Those looking to sign on with ​Shelley Silva​ should know up front, you will likely be getting more than bargained for; you will not just get an agent who has mastered the art of negotiation who will go into battle for you, but you will be gaining a lifelong friend. To contact Shelley call (616) 443-5656 or email at