Paula Kahkonen - Featured Agent

One of the first things you want to find when selecting a real estate agent is chemistry. Do you click? Do you feel like you can be open and honest, and they will be open and honest in return? Finding the perfect real estate agent for you is like finding someone with the qualities of a good friend, and 616 Real Estate Agent Paula Kahkonen certainly fits that bill. One conversation with her and you will feel like you have been friends your whole life, and to top it off, she is darn good at everything else you would want in an agent.


Jumping in

When Paula Kahkonen imagined her kids grown, and she no longer needed to be the family “taxi service,” she thought of her interest in viewing homes and her love of HGTV. So, when her youngest son turned 16 and got his own set of wheels, Paula wasted no time saying “YES!” She jumped in with “both feet” when a friend asked her to take a real estate licensing class. “I heard so many people (friends and acquaintances) complain about their real estate experience, whether it was the lack of attention they were being given, the lack of response time, or a lack professionalism, I just kept hearing it over and over… I thought, I can provide all of those things.”


What she offers

Paula took those complaints seriously and prides herself on a high level of professionalism, solid organization, and accurate communication. Likewise, emotional intelligence is high on her list of importance. “I am really empathetic to where they (clients) are and what they want out of the sale, and how they feel about it. …I make sure they are heard.” She finds out up front “ all their goals, timelines,” and monetary desires, so she can meet their needs. Kahkonen is also humbled by her responsibility as an agent, “They are putting a tremendous amount of trust in me.” 

In addition, Paula wants every client to feel that “they have 100% of my focus.” She works with just a few clients at a time, at most, allowing her to dedicate her energy to their needs and wants. “Real estate is always on the top of my mind. Because it interests me, it is easy to do. They (clients) are going to get the attention that they deserve.”


 Favorite day

“Closing day, it’s the best, everyone’s stress goes from 100 to zero. The goal, the whole process, is, from the time you sign the listing papers, to get to that closing table. That is the most fun, that is what makes it all worth it. …I love seeing people happy, and if I get to be a small part of that by getting them the house of their dreams or the dollar amount they want…that makes me feel really good.”

Paula also especially loves picking out the perfect individualized closing gifts!


616 Real Estate  

There seems to be some common themes brewing at 616 Realty, and Kahkonen confirmed it once more. She and other agents have expressed how very fortunate they feel to have landed at the agency. “Scot really has our backs. I feel like Scot is very accessible and supportive and gives us our independence.” Kahkonen also added that she loves the other agents, “At 616, all the realtors are very supportive and helpful.”


Advice for first time home buyers

“It is of utmost importance that they have a trusted realtor who can refer a trusted lender… It’s also important that they get their ducks in a row in the pre-qualification process.. so they are ready to jump when they find the house that is right for them.” She also shares a bit of insight from her experiences that might put first time buyers minds at ease, “they will know the second they enter a house–they will know it is right for them.”


Advice for sellers

Paula advises, find an agent who is honest and “look at a lot of referrals. You want someone who has a reputation. Talk to some past clients.”  Paula also recommends de-cluttering, staging, and cleaning. “They go a long way. Good deep cleaning… …including the garage, laundry room, basement, means the house is super well taken care of!”


If you are looking to buy or sell your home, call Paula Kahkonen, her warmth will draw you in and her knowledge, professionalism, and dedication to your real estate experience will make you glad you did!