Why choose just any real estate agent, when you can choose family?

When you are making a monumental and complex decision like buying a home, it is really beneficial to have family help you weigh the pros and cons. It is even better when that familial treatment comes with expertise. Veteran 616 Realty agent Chris Becker not only provides her clients with superb buying/ selling acumen, but she instantly welcomes them into the family.

It’s family thing

Maybe this familial approach to her work as an agent stems from Chris’s youth. As a teenager, Chris often went with her mother to open houses, “mostly to get ideas.” She also watched and observed her mother design homes for others. 

Nurturing her clients like family must be connected with the fact that she LOVES children! YES, LOVES! We were foster parents for several years. We have four biological children (in their 30’s and 40’s), and we officially adopted our son last February–he is 7 and in the 1st grade. We also have eight grandkids, and another due in May” (And, Chris also has one great grandson).

Unfortunately, family tragedy is also part of her familial approach to her clients. The grief of losing her granddaughter has shown Chris what is important in life which is helping others and “doing good in the world.” 

It is most likely an amalgamation of all of the above, but whatever the reasons and causes, her familial approach is something that sets her apart as an agent. “I am very compassionate. I really care, probably too much. I love to take care of my family. Everyone Is my family. I love to interact with people. I’m more like a mother, helping one of my children to find a house.” 

The 616 Realty family

Family is also why Chris Becker loves being part of the 616 team. “I love the family feel. Like Scot, (616 Realty’s Founder and Broker) he always answers his phone. I just like to call him… He always helps me feel better about whatever situation I need to discuss.”

Chris’s other superpowers

Chris Becker has other real estate agent superpowers to go with her 20 years of experience and giving clients the familial treatment.  She seeks to give clients a holistic view of a home.  “I speak the truth. I am not there to make a sale. I am there for them, to help them find the right house. The minute I look at the house I look at the resale value. They think they will be there for the next 20 years, but they might, in reality, only be there for five.” Becker adds, “I like to help them learn about certain things in homes. I get a lot of satisfaction in teaching them.”

She even brings along her husband, a licensed builder, with her to showings, so together, they can provide clients with a clear view of a home’s pros and cons prior to inspection and putting down earnest money. “I want it to be the right home. I want it to be a good investment.” 

Likewise, Chris wants clients to know that she will be there for them the whole way through. “It’s a one person deal from the beginning of the process to the end, from showings to closings. …I never want to leave them out in the cold.”  She also answers her phone, even the 2:00 a.m. calls from clients who have just found their perfect home on Zillow.

Chris’s advice for first time home buyers

“Call me of course. Location…  it’s so important.” She also directs her clients to, “stand in the kitchen.” I say, ‘okay, can you picture yourself living here?’ A lot of times they will say, ‘No!’” 

Advice for those getting ready to sell their home

“Determine the time frame you need…” and “Don’t worry! I will handle every single bit of it. That is why you have me. I want it (the selling process) to be as stress free as possible–I want it to be as peaceful as possible.” 

For most, home is all about family. Finding that perfect home in a perfect buyers’ market is always a challenge when juggling all the variables. Selling can be just as tricky. And now, with a concerning lack of inventory on the market, having the right agent that is more family than agent is more important than ever.  Chris Becker is a seasoned professional with 20 years of experience. And while that experience definitely should inspire confidence, it is her compassion, her honesty, and her love of all things familial (like you), that should encourage you to give her a call.

Rory; “Our beloved granddaughter Rory, who taught me so much about life!”
Quinn; “We couldn’t be more grateful…..”
“Here is a most joyous photo, taken on our “gotcha” day, when Quinn was officially adopted into our crazy family on 2/19/20 : ) ”
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