50+ helpful staging tips for a quick and profitable sale

Many realtors at 616 Realty agree that staging your home is one of the best strategies for selling your home. Most will say it is a must. And, when done well, it allows the positive attributes of your home to shine (that charming fireplace) while diminishing the flaws (the lack of space). One goal of staging your home is ultimately to make your house more attractive to a broad scope of buyers which entices them to make higher offers. The other goal is to decrease the amount of time your home sits on the market. Spot on goals, right? 

Here are some simple things you can do to stage your home like the pros, and if you aren’t sure whether you have gotten it right, ask your real estate agent!


Stage the outside with some curb appeal  

  • Hang a simple, charming wreath on the door
  • Make sure you clean up the flower beds and bushes
  • Clean up debris
  • Add a few plants in the springtime
  • Put a new welcome mat by the front door
  • Make sure house numbers look nice and stand out
  • Paint any trim that is peeling
  • Sweep, power blow, and clean the sidewalk, driveway, and patio


Stage with the olfactory sense – make it smell good

The first thing that buyers notice when they walk into a home is the smell!

  • Start smoking outside if you are an indoor smoker
  • Give the walls a fresh coat of paint
  • Burn candles or use essential oils with a diffuser
  • Wash the curtains and clean the upholstery
  • Bake some cookies when there is going to be a showing (it’s a win/win)


Decluttering is staging

No one likes clutter, especially someone else’s…

  • Stage every closet, including the coat closet
  • Get rid of unused coats, excess clothes, shoes, etcetera…
  • Organize the stuff you have inside the closets to make the closets look bigger and more functional


Living area staging

  • Stage the space to look larger by removing some of the furniture
  • Don’t take too much furniture out because an overly bare room doesn’t appeal to buyers either
  • Make sure buyers can move around the room easily and see all the positive features
  • Remove personal photos; you want the buyers to see themselves in your place
  • If the room is excessively large, create smaller areas to give buyers ideas on how to use the space (like a reading area, games and a table, or a music area)
  • Remove any clutter with magazines, books, plants, etcetera
  • Replace the pillows to jazz up the space (and you can take them to your new place, woohoo)
  • Keep art that is appealing to most and that creates ambiance in the space (empty walls aren’t as appealing)



Kitchen staging

Try to stage your kitchen to look as modern and as clean as possible. Nothing turns off buyers quicker than dirt, clutter, and outdated kitchens because they cost the most to remodel.

  • Get rid of all the clutter on your countertops (it will just point out that there isn’t enough cupboard space and make the work area look too small)
  • Paint the walls a clean, neutral color
  • Replace the old-fashioned hardware (it is a fairly inexpensive)
  • Add some fresh-cut flowers on showing days
  • Clean the light fixtures and replace them if they are old
  • Clean the appliances, inside and out
  • Get rid of the faucet if it is corroding or leaking (buyers will notice)
  • Replace or remove any rugs that have seen heavy traffic
  • Organize and clean the inside of the cupboards


Office space staging


    Bathroom staging

    A dated and dirty bathroom can turn even the most eager home buyer away no matter how much they love your home. So, consider hiring someone to come in and clean it (that’s just a personal preference)

    • Get rid of and replace dirty, ugly caulk
    • Freshen up the grout
    • Get rid of minerals and water stains
    • Replace the faucet or fix it if it leaks
    • If the faucet is old fashioned, consider replacing it
    • Buy a new shower curtain, new rugs, new towels, a fresh new candle, etcetera (you can take them with you)
    • Get rid of all or most knick knacks unless they serve a purpose
    • Leave only the soap on the sink counter and maybe a small vase of fresh flowers
    • Keep wall hangings if they are appealing to most buyers, improve the aesthetic, and are in good condition


      Stage your flooring

      • Clean your carpets and try to remove all the stains
      • Use a grout cleaner where you have tile
      • Polish and wax any floors that require it
      • Use a wood cleaner to make your wood floors shine


      Stage your unused spaces

      If you have any rooms or space in your home that are unused, stage them as well! Add some furniture to give buyers an idea of how they could use that space. Some room ideas are:

      • Reading area with a couple chairs and a coffee table
      • Game area where you add a chess/checkerboard
      • An office space
      • A craft or hobby area


        Staging your home is one of the most important things you can do to make your house stand out in a sea of homes. Keep it simple, chic, and CLEAN. If you don’t have the foggiest idea how to stage your home yourself, 616 Realty is here to help! We can take a look at your home and give you suggestions. Likewise, if you would rather leave the professional staging to the professionals, here is a recommendation from our agents: 2B Staged, Cheri Russell, 616-299-0342