Landscaping Improvements you should say “YAY” to

Landscaping Improvements you should say “YAY” to


Curb Appeal

Cue the big sigh of relief... the temperatures are finally in the 60’s and 70’s, winter has come to an end (knock on some wood), so it stands to reason everyone is looking at their outdoor spaces with a critical eye! And, likely, it will get you dreaming about the upgrades and changes you would do to make it just right! Before you do, it is important to consider a few things:

  • How long do you plan to stay in your home?
  • If you have plans to move, what price tag would you like to stick on it?

The answers to those questions will help you answer the next question:

  • What and how should I invest in my outdoor spaces?  

If you are planning to move in the next couple of years, you want to get the most bang for your buck, a.k.a. improvements that don’t take a big chunk out of your wallet because you may not be able to fully recoup the investment. If you are going to be there awhile and will get the pleasure of enjoying the improvements as well as add a little more value to your home, then you can spend a little more. Of course, all upgrades don’t yield the same return on investment. (Before you make any decisions, contact your 616 Real Estate Agent. They will help you decide what is hot and what is not!)

Here are some curb appeal and backyard appeal projects that will boost the value of your home and entice future buyers while not leaving you hanging out to dry financially.

The Flora

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If you are going to be in your home five plus years, plant those trees. Young saplings are fairly inexpensive, and they will have time to grow and increase in value, not to mention they add a nice vibe to your home.


Trim and tidy

Trimming up your trees and tidying up any debris or extra junk around your home is a very inexpensive way to add to the visual aesthetic! It costs very little to have a lawn contractor come in for a one time clean-up (or you can go the free route and do it yourself)!

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Shrubs and bushes

Many shrubs and bushes can go from pretty to pretty awful if you don’t trim them up. It also keeps them healthier! Give them some love by trimming off lower branches and giving them some form and shape. 


Clean up

Get dirty and pull all the weeds, replace the mulch, and thin out any overgrown areas. This will help to open up your home visually and give it a clean cared for look. 


The lawn

Getting an expert to tackle your lawn and make it look bright and healthy is money that will likely be well spent. Or, if you have a green thumb, by spending time aerating, fertilizing, and seeding, you could really be increasing the value of your home and giving it some surefire curb appeal. Also, installing an automatic sprinkler system might be something to think about. If you are like me, and you either forget to water it or drown it (at great expense to the wallet and to water conservation), then it might well be worth the investment, and home buyers will see it as a huge perk!

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Landscape designer

If you have no idea how to improve your home’s outdoor space, then it would be a great idea to invest in a landscape designer. Often you can meet with them two times, and they can give you some basic ideas on how to turn your yard into a personal oasis. They typically charge from $70-$150 an hour. If you want them to do the work, it can get pretty costly, so you will have to weigh the pros and cons. If home values in your neighborhood have gone up and you bought your home for a great price, it may be worth it, and you may recoup every penny you put in and then some. 

Outdoor living spaces


The Deck

It is certainly a wise investment. With many of us becoming homebodies, it’s important that we have an outdoor space that can bring us joy and relaxation. Remodeling magazine says you will recoup approximately 67% of the cost of a composite deck, so if you will be there awhile you should definitely consider adding one for yourself and for future home buyers!


A patio

Maybe you want a patio instead or in addition to a deck space. Patios yield about a 55% return on investment. It is nice to have an outdoor space that extends your living space. The longevity and maintenance can be much better than a wooden deck, but it will also be pricier to install. 

Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor kitchens

This is obviously a bit of a luxury addition (for sure, actually), but what is better than having a space outdoors with all the appliances and tools you need to cook for your family and close friends. It is more important than ever! Unfortunately, kitchens are one of the priciest rooms inside or outside the house, so the cost versus reward will have to be measured carefully. Creating one that is in the right budget can certainly get buyers very interested in your home. 

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Relaxation Station

Many homeowners are creating outdoor romantic getaways hidden from the rest of the house where couples can escape to an outdoor hideaway. Adding a water feature, a pea gravel path, and comfortable furniture is not only appealing for the homeowner but for future buyers, too! Plus, the sky's the limit in how to create this space, so you can invest as much money or as little as your budget allows.

Don't forget...

Doors, anyone?

You may or may not have noticed lately how your front door and garage door looks, but they are pretty essential to the overall appeal of your home. Replacing the front/garage door or sprucing them up with some paint can really give your home a whole new, refreshed look. According to Remodeling magazine new front doors get a return on average of 75% and garage doors 95%, that means you can add that percentage of the cost of the doors onto the value of your home! Whoop! Whoop!

Front Door


Lighting is a very cost effective way to give your home a very cozy, homey, enchanting (and all those other words) outdoor space. Lights along any walkways look great and are nice for guests’ safety. Putting up some atmospheric string lights outside will make your backyard look like a paradise for just a little monetary investment. If you have a pergola, adding a fan/light to it will not only add function and romance, but it will add a breeze on those hot, airless nights.

Outdoor Lighting

Give your home some much needed TLC now that it is so nice to be outside. It will provide you some additional space to rest and relax, and if you decide to sell your home, it will give you a leg-up on the competition. Let 616 Realty help you decide what is worth adding, changing, and repairing outdoors!