Jeannine Pond - Featured Agent

Jeannine Pond, a competitor in a competitive market

Today’s real estate market is competitive! Fortunately, Agent Jeannine Pond has always competed. In fact, if someone tells her she can’t do something, she answers with, “I will find a way to show you I can.” As an athlete throughout her life, she knows what it takes prepare and perform. A former body builder, a marathoner, an A+ finisher on the Army fitness test (just to see if she could do it), Jeannine knows what it takes to get things done, especially real estate deals!


It’s not just about houses

Jeannine got interested in real estate when she went with a friend to meet and negotiate with landowners for pipeline leases. “I was curious about it. Real estate isn’t just the house, but it is the dirt.” She loved the idea of meeting people, getting to know them and finding commonalities… “I thought, I can do that. When I meet someone, I get energy.” And she liked the idea that, “Everyone likes talking about houses. You create your space, where you live and you’re proud of it. You create your memories in that house.”

Jeannine didn’t immediately get her license because she had just finished getting her MBA, but eventually life led her back. “The dream of a lifetime is to own a home and being a part of helping someone make their dreams come true, that is exciting.” She also loves helping sellers, “when someone is selling their house, and they receive that big check at the end… it is pretty nice to see their faces.”

A Competitive Edge

Not only does her love of people and “you can’t stop me” attitude give Jeannine a competitive edge, but so does her level of commitment to her clients. As with training for marathons and all the things she endeavors, she is “all in.” Another competitive advantage for Jeannine is her attention to detail. “I am really detailed… I pay attention to the small print. If things aren’t drafted properly, it can cost someone a lot. I keep the process as smooth as possible by paying attention to the details. From the beginning to the end, it makes it smoother.”

Jeannine Pond has another leg up on the competition as well: insider secrets. “I know of a pocket inventory of homes that aren’t on the market; with the right buyer and the right price, they might sell. They have worked with me before and know I will make the process seamless.” Likewise, she has a great supporting cast at 616 Realty. “It is like being part of a family… Scot (616 Realty founder) is very compassionate and hard-working. He is that personality that no one could say a bad thing about. He is trustworthy and kind, always available for people, humble, and easy to work for.” Jeannine also credits being able to rely on others to compete. “In this job, you have a lot of partners in this business, I will refer them to the appropriate person.”

Taking on challenges

One of the biggest challenges Jeannine and all agents are facing are the tough negotiations and competition in today’s market. Some sellers are getting as many as 50 offers on their home!  Fortunately, as an athlete, Jeannine doesn’t shy away from tough, “It’s a challenge to craft the best offer to a seller when they have multiple offers.” Likewise, she helps buyers understand the unique challenges of getting a home in today’s market, “people have to know what it takes to get a house in this market and be ready to act.”

Jeannine’s advice for first time home buyers

“Save lots of cash. It gives them more buying power… Save a good chunk of money for down payment, closing costs and extras to make your offer more appealing to the seller. For example, while it is a typical minimum of 3-5% down payment to purchase a home, a 10-20% down payment means more leverage. Additionally, a buyer could offer to pay some of the seller’s closing costs. Also, putting down a large earnest deposit will show the seller you are serious.”

Her advice for sellers

“De-cluttering, homey touches, and hiring me to get top dollar,” she laughs. Jeannine adds, “act like it is going to be featured in a magazine, less items are going to make it look bigger.” She also thinks that a new doormat, flower pots, a new lock set… a nice entry are cost effective ways to get as many buyers as possible to fall in love with a home. “Curb appeal is the first impression. It has a huge impact.”


In this crazy competitive market, you want an athlete, a competitor, an agent like Jeannine Pond. She knows what it takes to commit, to work exceptionally hard, to handle every small detail, and to get the deal done. “A lot of my clients are repeat clients. I want them to say, ‘I am so glad Jeannine helped me buy or sell my house.’ If they aren’t feeling that, then I haven’t done my job.  I want them to not just buy a house, I want it to be a good all-around experience.” If you want personal service and a competitive edge for buying or selling your home, Jeannine Pond at 616 Realty, is your gal.