Inspections are typically a very important part of the home buying process. When buyers search for a home, they are looking for location, aesthetics, function and emotional appeal. But one of the most important criteria is value. The only way to know if the purchase is a wise investment is getting a clear picture of what is underneath all the superficial bells and whistles. A home inspection exposes any problem areas that may potentially cost you more money. A solid inspection by a reputable inspector can save you thousands of dollars of unforeseen problems and repairs. Your real estate agent likely has a list of vetted inspectors that will provide you with a thorough assessment of whether you are getting a solid deal or a money pit! Here’s a list of what you can and should expect from a home inspection to protect you and your money.

The foundation

A home’s foundation is really important and if there is a problem with it, it could cost the homeowner a pretty penny! The inspector will check out whether the home is structurally sound by checking for cracks and weaknesses. They will also look in the basement for evidence of dampness.

The attic and roof

Your roof is another big ticket item to replace so knowing up front whether you will need to put on a new roof will give you peace of mind as you make your purchase. They will look inside to make sure that the roof isn’t leaking anywhere. The inspector will look in your attic and inspect the insulation and ventilation. They will also check the wood for termites that might have compromised your home’s structure.

The outside

They will closely look at the siding of your home. They will be looking for damage, for leaks, for problem areas that might cost you in the long run. The inspector will also check out the gutters and downspouts and make sure they are in good working order.

Heating and cooling

Your inspector will  examine the function of all the major appliances. The furnace is an item with a big price tag so you want to know how old the furnace is, how functional and whether or not it has been regularly inspected and serviced. They will also take a look at the air conditioning unit and the water heater too!


It is important to know if your electrical is up to code and not in need of updates. The inspector will test all your outlets to make sure they are working too!


Like the electrical, it is important to know that your plumbing is up to code and that it is fully functional. They will check your water pressure, drains, and all your faucets, too.


If the appliances will be included in the purchase, your inspector will make sure that your stove, refrigerator, and stove work as well.

Along with an inspection, the seller has to provide a seller’s disclosure statement. This is a good thing to give to your inspector, so they can check out any noted problem areas. Also, make sure that a lead inspection has been provided as well!

Getting an inspection is some of the best money spent for peace of mind as you purchase your new dream home. It will protect you from buying a money pit, or at least warn you about what you are getting into. Contact your real estate agent for a list of reputable inspectors and sign the dotted line with all the knowledge you need!

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