Pam Merriman - Featured Agent

Why settle for a triple threat when you can have QUADRUPLE? Meet 616 Agent Pam Merriman.

Home buyers and sellers are very fortunate when they find a real estate agent who listens closely and who is focused on making their dreams come true instead of just making money. But what if they could have all that and more? What if they had an agent who is not only licensed and experienced in real estate but who also can explain the ins and outs of the title, help determine the perfect mortgage, AND is certified in interior design? Wow! That describes 616 Realty agent Pam Merriman–a quadruple threat!

A long history

Pam Merriman started in banking in high school and worked her way up as a teller to management, then on to title work. Eventually, she segued into mortgage origination. Because of her love of people and her interest in viewing homes along with a need for a more flexible lifestyle as a single mom, she turned to real estate. Now she is a real estate agent who continues to “dabble in mortgage origination” on the side, and fits in one of her other loves, interior design, whenever she can.  “I have bought and sold many houses in my lifetime, …I love meeting people, and showing homes.”

Old school

Pam is a self-proclaimed “old-schooler.” “Old school sets me apart because the clients feel like I care. I am looking out for their best interests; I am not just there for the dollar. I want them to know what they are getting into.” Pam values the relationships with her clients. “I don’t rush people, and it is important to me to make the process smooth. I just like communicating with my clients.”

“This couple, I have worked with multiple times, told me that right away, ‘I felt like I had known you forever.’ I want people to know me on a personal level as well as on a professional level. It is important to me to treat everyone like they are the only one.  It is a good reminder, when I am running a thousand miles per hour, that each person deserves that.”

“I had a guy call me to show him a house that was cheap and no one would show it because of the small commission. I helped him purchase the house, and then his brother who has bought millions of dollars in properties called to thank me, and I became his agent.”

“Whether it is a $12,000 sale or million dollar sale, you are going to get the same treatment.”

Understanding the fine print

Along with caring for her clients, Pam’s knowledge of the financial and fine print (title) aspects of real estate purchases and sales, provides her clients with all the information they need to make sound decisions. “The financial part is a strength, including the (in’s and out’s) government financing. Knowledge of all three major aspects of real estate makes me a triple threat…. The title tells you about the property, the title commitment, who owns, what leans are on the property, what needs to clear.  Many agents call me up about questions. Many agents don’t know how to read a title commitment let alone be able to clear it.” Likewise, Merriman believes it is very important to educate clients about their mortgage. “I am really adamant about talking to the clients, you need to get boom, boom, boom to the loan agent. I sit down with my first time home buyers and go through the process A-Z and encourage them to ask questions. There are no stupid questions. I want them to feel as comfortable as possible.”

More than a quadruple threat

Pam loves helping sellers as well. “I have my PSA (pricing strategy advisor) certification and know how to price a property. It can be very difficult to price a property correctly. In a normal market, it really gives you the tools to read and understand and read the square footage, etcetera and make the adjustments to come up with a proper listing for a house.” 

She also uses her certification in interior design and staging to help sellers. “It’s my passion. I love to decorate and redo.  If I had time to flip houses, I would be doing that all day long. I am always redoing and keeping up with trends. I use it to stage houses. When I am not busy, and I have actual time, I have a whole storage unit filled with stuff to stage homes. I talk to sellers and give them ideas.”

616 Realty

“I love working for 616 Realty; I have been with other brokers. Scot is down to earth and doesn’t make anyone feel like he is above you. It feels like a small family type company. We all get along and want to see each other succeed. We help each other out.”

Her advice for first time home buyers?

“Be prepared. Make sure you are pre-approved and make sure you know what you can afford, not what the bank says you can afford! Ask yourself what your lifestyle is like?  Do you like to go out to dinner? Do you like to go out? Then, let’s set your price point!  I have seen way too many people who are house poor.”

Pam’s advice for someone trying to sell your home?

“Be prepared. I always ask them what attracted you to the home? That might be what we will focus on when we sell the home. We are going to worry about the 20% of the home that you loved when you bought it.”

If you are looking for an agent, why wouldn’t you pick someone who is a triple threat? Or better yet, a QUADRUPLE threat, like 616 Realty agent Pam Merriman? She is a “go-getter” who loves what she does and will work extremely hard for you. Contact 616 Realty today!