Brian Deyoung - Featured Agent

Life’s challenges can help you discover who you are…

Prior to becoming a Realtor, Brian had a very good job at a great company for 13 years. A job that he thought he would eventually retire from. A downturn in that industry forced the company to significantly downsize and Brian was out of work. He decided to turn this “challenge” into something positive. Brian had an interest in the Real Estate profession ever since the experience of purchasing his own first home in the late 90’s. He decided to get a Real Estate license and become a Realtor. Failure was not an option for Brian.

Brian got his license in 2003 and went to work selling Real Estate. “Like many, I really struggled the first year but had a great 2nd year and I was off and running! I was awarded the title of ‘Agent Of The Month’ many times in the first few years”. That’s until the plunge in the Real Estate market hit around 2008. “It got a bit tough for a few years but I stuck with it. Again, failure was not an option for me”.

Brian discovered that Real Estate was perfect for him. “I realized early on that I was a part of a major life decision for many folks, buying or selling a home is a big deal and being good at it gave me a level of satisfaction that I didn’t previously have. I am also very detail oriented. Frankly, I might be a bit OCD” he admits with a laugh. He also has a drive to get things done and get them done quickly. This attention to detail and drive has helped his clients on many occasions and kept them coming back. Early on, he had seller clients who had an appraisal that came in thousands under the purchase price. “The appraiser had missed some obvious things. I went to work and contested it. I got the appraiser to correct the appraisal with the mortgage lender. I have done that for other sellers several times since then when appraisals have come in low.”

Advice for 1st time home buyers in the current market…

“Get a very strong pre-approval from a local lender and save up as much cash as you can. Asking for seller help with your closing costs in this market rarely is successful and you may need cash to provide an appraisal gap guarantee”.

DeYoung’s advice for home sellers…

“Call me at least a month or two prior to putting your home on the market. I will give you helpful tips that may not cost you much but could net you thousands more in a sale price. I am a NO pressure, detail oriented Realtor and you can sleep well at night knowing that I am taking care of business!”

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