Fall Home Maintenance Checklist: Prepping Your Home (A.K.A. Your Biggest Asset) For Fall


Wow, we don’t know about you, but the warm, relaxed months of summer have gone way too fast. While we can try to hold on to the more relaxed vibe of summer, fall is almost upon us. And since Labor Day is over…, we really have no choice but to accept that cooler, shorter days will rapidly follow.


On the bright side, fall brings lovely weather and breathtaking colors. It is also a great time to do some much needed maintenance on your greatest investment (or at least your most expensive) to keep it in tip-top shape as winter approaches. And, it is a great time to prep and sell your home. If you are wanting to go down that path, after completing this checklist, you will be ready to give 616 Realty a call and get your home on the market! Here’s a run-down of how to prep your home for fall!



If yours are still full of the oak tassel drop (also known as catkins) from spring (like mine are), it would be a good time to clean out your gutters before they get full of leaves. You can also consider adding covers to keep leaves from collecting in your gutters.

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Clean out the spouts

Utilizing a plumbing snake, it is a good idea to clean out the spouts, so that water can drain properly.

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Chimney Prep

Calling a chimney person now is a great idea as they will book up fast. Get it inspected and cleaned. You may not feel like you will ever want heat again after the last wave of 90 degree days, but as you know, in Michigan, winters can be early and harsh, and you will be glad you handled this in the fall.

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We don’t mean the hippy musical extravaganza, we do mean collecting enough firewood to last you throughout the winter.


Prep your windows

It may not be time to bust out the storm windows and remove the screens, but it would be a great idea to get them out and prepped. You may need or want to replace some of the weather stripping around your doors and windows if it is damaged, so this is a good time to do that.


Window well clean-out

If you are like me, those window wells can be kind of creepy (spider central), but it is very important to the dryness of your basement that you remove all the debris and leaves so that your window wells don’t fill with water and leak through your windows or foundation.


Trim those trees

If the rumors are true, you are a couple months out from getting anyone to service your trees. But, if you have branches that are dead, that are hanging over your garage, or that are a worry about for whatever reason, you want to book your tree trimming service provider right now. Even if it is two months out, it is better than nothing.


Aerate your grass

Fall is a really good time to aerate your yard. It is the key to a healthy lawn. Rent a machine in the fall and clear out some of the roots to make way for healthy new ones!


Fertilize it

Now that you have aerated it, give it a good dose of nourishment by fertilizing it! The roots of your grass need food to sustain themselves throughout the winter. Look for a 4-1-2 ratio of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. If you can plan it 2-3 weeks before the first freeze and after your last mowing, that would be the most beneficial time.


Bulb time

If you want to have the lovely tulips, crocuses, hyacinths of spring, you will want to plant them now.


Winterize your sprinklers

Once you are done watering for the season, you want to make sure and winterize that expensive sprinkler system of yours. You can do it on your own, but make sure you consult various resources to make sure you do it right. You don’t want to damage an important and expensive system.


Filter Change

Because the cold nights will be upon us soon, be sure to replace your furnace filter before you turn on the heat. It will help catch all those dust mites and keep your air as clean as a whistle.


Furnace inspection

This is a great time to order an inspection on your furnace and get it tuned up for a Michigan winter! You will hopefully beat the crowds and be able to get scheduled before the rush.

While you still have some time before you will want to do these following things, especially if we have an extended summer (crossing our fingers), we still want you to be thinking of them before the cold weather hits!

  • Cover and store all deck and patio furniture that isn’t suited for winter.
  •  Drain your outdoor faucets  and drain and store hoses.
  • Cover your barbecue grill.
  • Winterize all your windows with their storm windows.
  •  Clean your gutters (again).
  • Make a winter driving kit!
  • Get your snowplow serviced!
  • Find your snow shovel (and your car’s ice scraper).


Now that you have checked off all the fall clean-up, you can sit back and get ready for our Michigan winters. Oh, but don’t forget to buy some cocoa for that first winter day when you get to light a fire, cozy up with a great book and a significant other, and enjoy the fact that you were prepared. And, if you decide that you are ready to sell and look for another home of your dreams, or you are simply ready to head to Florida once and for all, call us, 616 Realty; we’d love to help!