We Think a Fall Purge and Re-Org are Just What You (We) Need!

Whether you are thinking about selling your home and want to make your home more attractive to buyers or you just want to get your home ready for winter hibernation, fall is the perfect time to purge and re-org. We want to encourage you to get rid of anything and everything that is weighing you down and organize your home so that you can feel relaxed and settled as we head into winter.  After you have picked up all those leaves from your yard and added a few pumpkins to your porch, why not give the inside of your home a little TLC, too. Here are some great strategies for making your home cozy and intimate for those blustery days of winter. 


Marie Kondo, Japanese queen of organization, has a really good tip to get you started. As you go through various rooms, ask yourself, “has this item brought me joy, recently? Does it bring me joy now” If it hasn’t or doesn’t, give it away so it can bring someone else joy!

Clothes first

Start with your clothes first. Weeding out closets can be so liberating. Let’s face it… if you haven’t worn it for two years, you aren’t likely to wear it now. Get rid of it. It’s funny how excess can bog you down and make you feel stressed. Give it a go, and let us know how purging unworn clothes makes you feel.

It is also time to let go of summer. We agree, it is difficult, but it is time to put away swimsuits and trunks, the sundress and shorts, and for sure the flip flops. Stowaway all those beach towels in tubs and store all your summer toys. Get them out of the basement or the back of your car and declutter your life and mind.

Now you can go through all your winter gear. Make sure you have all the gloves, hats, and coats you need, and then consider donating the rest to people who might not have them. It will not only free up your closet space, but warm your heart because you helped someone else! 

Office showdown

If your office space is anything like most people’s, it can be a battle to keep it clean. Offices tend to get really cluttered, really fast. Taking time for a quick declutter and a little makeover can really change the whole feel of your home. Start by clearing out a few drawers or shelves that have old and dated materials. See if you can purge them and clear out some space! Next, clean off your desk, and use your newfound storage space to organize some of the items that you were storing on your desk. Now, add a new candle, a lamp, a plant to bring in the outdoors, and most importantly, an awesome office chair to keep you back and body healthy!

The kitchen

It’s a great time to clean the fridge, microwave, and pantry.  Look through the plethora of condiments in your refrigerator door and get rid of all things that are expired or that you haven’t used in the last 6 months (let’s face it, you aren’t likely to use them again). Do the same thing in your pantry. Check the expiration dates and ask yourself whether you will ever actually eat that item. If you won’t, then you should get rid of it. Donate it to a food pantry. Spend a bit of time organizing your pantry so you aren’t buying duplicates of things when you don’t need them, and so you can quickly scan your pantry in order to plan dinner.

The toys

Toys, toys, everywhere is usually the case if you have children. Now is a great time to purge the excess of toys your children have. You don’t even need to give all of them away. Put some in a tub and store. Bring them out six months from now, and it will be like Christmas. By cleaning them out this fall, you are getting a head start on a project you need to do before Santa does actually make the long journey to your home. Turn the toy cleanse into an opportunity to show your children how amazing it is to give to others. Check the volunteer sites near your area to find out which organizations are looking for used toy donations and free your spaces from excess clutter and your mind from some of the excess noise (and I mean that literally and figuratively–get rid of the drum set).  

The curtains, blinds, and drapes

This is a good time to give your window coverings a cleaning. If you have curtains, throw them in the wash and hang them on the line. If you have drapes, take them to the cleaners or consider having someone come out and clean them in place. If you have blinds, well good luck. Just kidding! There are some great tools for cleaning blinds these days that will save you a ton of time. You will have a new view on life-literally and figuratively! 

Clean the garage

Your garage is an extension of your home, and if it is unorganized, it can contribute to feelings of uneasiness when you are at home. Getting your garage ready for winter will make everything better. Move your snow removal equipment to easy-to-access locations. Get the snow shovels ready. Purchase your ice removal materials in easy-to-use tubs. And when it snows, you can run out, clear the snow quickly, and get back inside to your cozy oasis.

Fall is a lovely time to throw open the windows, declutter your home, and let go of anything and everything that might be bogging you down. When you’re done, you can sit back and relax in your cozy, comfy, and organized home and enjoy the freedom that comes with a fall purge. And if you decide that now is the perfect time to sell your home, give 616 Realty a call. We’d love to help you sell and find the home of your dreams.