616 Realty Agent Meghan Bisher–Straight Shooter, Protector, and Zero Pressure


The ways of the wild west are far behind us and for the most part, we are glad for it, but one thing that came from that time of reckless lawlessness and gunslingers is a concept and term we still use today–“straight shooter.” In real estate, a straight shooter is someone most of us can appreciate. 


At 616 Realty, characteristics like honesty and this tell-it-like-it-is approach are valued. Straight shooter, agent Meghan Bisher, might be their poster child. A paragraph into her bio and a minute after meeting her, and you know that what you see is what you get. And, who doesn’t want to know exactly what they are getting when they are looking to sell or purchase a home.


Being the kind of agent that she would want

Using that upfront approach, Meghan has been slowly building her business. “Anyone can put their face on all kinds of marketing material, but it is more about personal relationships with me. You don’t get that from a picture or an ad…” Although her real estate career started out of necessity, “life changes were raining down,” she knew that she could be the type of agent that she would have wanted. “I never have had good personal experiences with agents. It felt like it was about a paycheck for them. I felt like a walking dollar sign. I didn’t like how that felt.” 


Meghan knew she would be the opposite. “I didn’t want anyone to feel like that. I will show you 50 houses. I would rather take the time and help clients find ‘the one,’ than make them feel like they are a paycheck or that I am high pressure.” As an agent, it is also important to her that she is there for her clients, and that her clients understand and are comfortable with her upfront approach. “I don’t have to work with anyone. I can choose who to work with… If we don’t mesh, it is best to not work together as client/agent.”


Keeping it real

“I think being a real live person that they (clients) can relate to and talk to in a way that isn’t like a sales type person is important. If you want someone who has all the answers… I am not it, but I will help you find them!” Not only is she real and a straight talker, she is also very open and willing to tell her clients to walk away when it isn’t right. “I had a home inspection and the buyer wasn’t able to attend. I was on my way when I called the home inspector and asked what was going on. He gave me three things that were deal-breakers. …We walked away from it.”


She’s also “a momma bear”

Not only is Meghan a straight shooter, but she can also be a momma bear when it comes to her clients. “It is holding their hand. I get protective of my clients. I am not going to leave you hanging. I am not going to try to blow off things for a paycheck.” Meghan recalls a story of a young couple she has been working with for four years. “They hadn’t been able to qualify. I walked them through the process (getting their credit scores up and saving). I kept checking in with them. They now have a little girl and a contract for their first house! I got to be a part of that and have a glimpse of that part of their life. It was a big blessing throughout that whole process. They aren’t just my clients, we are a team, and my clients almost always become my friends.”


What more could a buyer/seller want

Not only is Meghan going to say it like it is and protect her clients, but she is likely going to put a comedic spin on it too. Why? Because she is funny! Likewise, she is easy to talk to, is zero pressure, is always available, and is an out-of-the-box thinker. 


Working with Bisher, you also get to work with 616 Realty! “616 is the best. It is about the family; it is a community with the agents. At my first brokerage, on the first day, I ran into a young man that I had met previously. I asked him for advice as a new agent, ‘No one is your friend’ and the second person I asked said, ‘Fake it until you make it.’ It was like a mantra.That was a pivotal moment for me because it was absolutely what I didn’t want to be. I didn’t want to be ugly to other agents. At 616, we are all friends, even if you just started here from another brokerage or are a new agent. If you need something, someone will step up and help you. Scot (616 Realty Founder and Broker) is amazing. If you need him to be super hands-on, he will be; if you are more independent, he will provide that, too. He has no bias. He is so encouraging, positive, down-to-earth, and available.”


Advice to first time buyers

“Just because you are pre-approved for an amount doesn’t mean you need to or should spend that amount! I don’t want clients to be unrealistic.”


Advice for sellers

In this market, Meghan’s advice is, “sellers you are about to be buyers, so don’t be a jerk. You are sitting at the top looking down, but just remember, soon you’re going to be at the bottom.”


If you are looking for an agent who is a straight shooter, who will have your back, and best of all, one who will make you laugh, then call 616 Realty Agent Meghan Bisher


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