Interior Design Trends of 2022

We at 616 Realty hope we were able to help you find your dream home, but regardless, we hope that as the new year approaches, you are more excited than ever about the future, your life, and making your home the comfortable oasis it should be! To help you with that, we found the hottest trends in interior design for 2022. Check them out!

Calm is good! 

Photo from Puffy

After all we have been through in the last couple years, anything that is calming is a good thing.  This year soft neutrals like whites, tans, and grays are still the trend in paint, materials, and fabrics. Natural stone tile or soft carpet or rug made from recycled plastic adds a calming presence to any room as do throw pillows and blankets in soft beige. Then add in a few macrame plant hangers, a chandelier in soft bronze, and a neutral piece of art and you have a monochromatic room that has you feeling so relaxed you never want to leave.

Bring nature inside

Photo by Curbed

Along with natural materials, bringing nature indoors is still trending in 2022. Scientists have found a connection between nature and mental and physical health. It has been proven to reduce stress, lower blood pressure, and trigger happy endorphins. Adding a plant or two to your decor is sure to make your home a little more homey along with helping to purify the air. Even if you don’t have a green thumb, you can add in materials that remind you of nature like a leaf-patterned wallpaper, bamboo flooring, and a weekly trip to the florist for some fresh flowers (make yourself and your florist happy). 

Black accents

On the flipside, adding black into your interior design mix is also trending. Combining natural with black accents has a nice juxtaposition and adds a touch of elegance. Whether it is an accent wall, some small decorative pieces in black, or a cool checkered rug, black can really make any room pop. 

Old is new… 

Photo from Pijar Sikma

Vintage is still the way to go. Adding a victorian ottoman (see above) or an art deco buffet can bring your room some much needed character and harmony. Look for pieces at your local flea markets or at an estate sale and bring something old into a new room to create a great vibe.

Activating the senses

Product and photo by Wooden Goods

If we have learned anything, it is that life is meant to be cherished. And for a home to be cherished it has to feel as comfortable as it looks. In 2022, designers agree, consumers want their homes to feel, sound, smell, as lovely as they look. Consumers are looking for ways to make their homes not only look good but invite calm and tranquility. To inspire relaxation, a diffuser in every room will help one’s home smell as good as it looks. Sweet orange, lavender, sage and patchouli all make for a cozy home and content homeowners. Adding in throw blankets that are not only pretty but super soft will add to any room’s cozy factor!

Bahama pinks and greens

According to color psychology, soft greens create calm and security while light pinks create feelings of warmth so it stands to reason that these colors would be trending after the last couple years. Start small with a throw pillow or two, and if they are soothing, then consider painting an accent wall or a piece of furniture to bring more comfort and joy to a space. 

Curves are good

Photo by Homary

This year treat yourself to a special piece of furniture that you always wanted… that signature piece that makes a statement. Curved furniture is certainly a good way to make your room cozy, comfortable, and at the same time spectacular! 

The new year is always something to look forward to as it signifies a new beginning, a do over, a fresh start. This year, consider adding some 2022 interior design trends of pinks and greens, some airy plants, or even a new curved couch to add to your homey oasis. Each evening you can lock yourself away and relax in your very own private retreat. At 616 Realty, we hope that 2022 is the best year yet! Please contact us with any of your home selling and buying questions and needs.