Featured Agent - Jodie Karrip


616 Realty’s Jodie Karrip–A Straight Shooter and Fun, To Boot


From behind the scenes to the forefront

616 Realty’s agent, Jodie Karrip’s path to real estate may have started early, “My dad has always dabbled in real estate in some way. My kids’ grandfather on their dad’s side is in real estate. We used to go see him in L.A. and help with open houses. It was just fun.”


Or, it may have been a stint in the mortgage lending department at a small bank. At the very least, it planted a seed. “They asked me to help them get it all organized, and while I did that, I learned about the mortgage industry.  I did some origination, behind the scenes, and did some processing for other lenders. In 2009, after the housing bubble crashed, I negotiated short sales. When that started to slow down I had a couple agents tell me how busy they were. I worked behind the scenes for so long. One day I just decided I should put myself out there. It was time I put myself in the forefront,” and in 2014, she earned her real estate license.


The rewards

Jodie hasn’t regretted it. “It is fun to be able to do a couple of different things. First of all, see all these different homes. And secondly, help these young couples, or single people, or single moms… achieve the dream of homeownership because I myself had that dream, and I didn’t achieve it until I was in my late twenties, early thirties.”


Eight years later, she is still enthusiastic about what she does.


“It is the joy of seeing the goal accomplished from an outsider looking in–recognizing that this person has worked so hard, and now here they are!  I do it for pure joy. I love seeing the Facebook posts saying, ’this is my home, couldn’t have done it without you.’”

Jodie Karrip


The clients

Jodie has had many memorable experiences as an agent. One was working with a client for two years to help them get financially stable. “We had to get their credit together and build their savings in order for them to finally achieve that goal of homeownership. There were tears at the closing table.” Another was when she helped her clients find their dream home. “This couple’s goal was to own a lake home. That was their end game. We looked for probably 12 months and finally, the jackpot. I get pictures of sunsets and sunrises on the lake all the time and texts that say, ‘We are enjoying coffee by the water.’”


Being an educator

Along with helping people find their dream lakefront properties, Jodie is also an educator.  She has worked in the healthcare industry for years and teaches classes for future Medical Assistants. “In my years in healthcare, you are always educating people” She laughs and adds, “Sometimes it is, do as I say and not as I do.” Jodie says being a real estate agent also gives her the opportunity to educate, especially young people and first time home buyers. “I don’t want them to become house poor. Oftentimes, they will tell me they got qualified for $300K, and right away, I ask, ‘can you afford that? Will you own the property or will the property own you?’ I ask them what they like to do in their free time, and ask them to consider whether or not they will be able to afford to do that if they buy this house. Teaching is my opportunity to help in that way.”


A straight shooter

Like most great teachers, Jodie is a straight shooter. “I am honest. I don’t walk into a home thinking this is going to be it. I walk into a home and look at my clients and say, ‘this may need a lot more work.’ I am just honest.” Part of being a straight shooter means she has to be patient. “It is not about buying a house today or in 10 years. I tell my clients, ‘I am not going anywhere.’ I don’t push. I’m not the person who follows you around, where you are bombarded or feel pressure. Instead, I want to walk them through the process. The only dumb question is the one you don’t ask. I want them to make an educated decision. I don’t want anyone to ever say, ‘That damn Jodie.’ Instead, I want them to say, ‘that Jodie is the best real estate agent!’”


Life is short, have fun

Being a straight shooter isn’t the only special characteristic of estate agent Jodie Karrip. “She is a lot of fun,” admits 616 Realty’s Broker and Founder Scot Kellogg. And Jodie admits that she and her clients do enjoy themselves, “We have a really good time seeing houses. We have fun!”


616 Realty 

Jodie actually heard about 616 Realty when she worked with Scot’s wife Dolly in the healthcare industry. “I knew Scot was a builder turned agent, turned broker. I remember how Scot was always supportive of Dolly. He always seemed to me to be a person of integrity. His mindset is about taking care of people, and in turn, they take care of him versus him pushing people to make money. Scot is laid back but very supportive. He will help me with anything, anytime, day or night. The person Scot is, brought me to 616 Realty.


Advice for first time home buyers:

“Take your time! I know you are anxious and excited, but take your time. Make sure the layout works for you. Paint can be changed! Don’t let the house own you, you need to own the house.”


Advice for sellers:

“People are invested in their home. They have memories in this home. Do not be offended or insulted by negative comments that may come back from some of the showings. To those people, it is just a structure; whereas to you, it is a home that you have built a life in–have loved in, and that you have an invested interest in while they have yet to invest in it.”


While Jodie’s schedule is pretty full with teaching and working with her clients, she has taken golf back up again. She also loves being outdoors. “I love the water.” In the winter she likes to eat popcorn and watch movies and sports. And, don’t hold it against this Michigan native (Grand Rapids specifically), but she and her husband are, “big Steelers fans!”


If you are looking for an honest, hard-working, patient realtor who will help educate you every step of the way and let’s not forget, be a ton of FUN, then Jodie Karrip is the agent for you. Contact Jodie or 616 Realty today for any of your real estate questions or needs.