Let’s Talk About Trees: It isn’t just about curb appeal

Tree care isn’t just about curb appeal; there are many benefits to keeping trees neatly trimmed.


While large branches that obstruct views, lay on the roof, etc. should be removed by professionals, you can easily take care of other tree maintenance with the proper tools. As a homeowner with trees in the yard, you’ll need clean, sharp pruners and loppers.

Trees near driveways and sidewalks should always be kept trimmed in order to avoid obstruction of views and thumps on the head. Your neighbors will appreciate the work you do to contribute to the safety of their families.  Your trees will appreciate your efforts as well. In addition to trimming trees for safety, there are a few other things you can do to ensure your shade-giving friends’ continued health and growth.



Start from the Bottom

Many homeowners do not realize that the bushy branches sprouting around the bottom of a tree trunk are not meant to be there. Simply known as “suckers,” these sprouts will often look like an entirely different plant. This is likely due to how the tree was produced – just as human babies may look more like one of their parents than the other. The best way to take care of suckers is to nip them off right away with your pruning scissors. Leaving them will take precious water and energy away from the tree, whose health will ultimately suffer.

Bushy suckers abound at the base of this tree.


Move to the middle

Next, look for young, thin branches that extend straight upward from the larger branches in the middle of the tree. These branches are using a great deal of energy to fight their way up to the canopy. They clutter up the inside of the tree and do more harm than good.


Thin branches that shoot straight up in the middle of the tree should be clipped before they have the chance to compete for sunlight with healthy, established branches.



Other thin growths can be quickly and easily snipped with pruners.


When to trim

Many people are afraid to trim their trees because they are unsure of which time of the year it should be done. It is true that different trees prefer their major trim work to be done during different seasons. When it comes to keeping your tree healthy, it is best to trim the suckers as soon as you notice them.


A well-kept tree is clear of suckers and unwanted branches.


The next time you walk or drive through a neighborhood, notice the difference between the well-kept trees and the ones that have been ignored. Unkempt trees will often have spotty patches of unhealthy bark and wilted-looking leaves.


If you need advice on how to add more curb appeal to your home, contact a 616 Realty Agent. We know what will increase your ROI as well as  thrill potential homebuyers (if you ever decide to sell)!