Featured Agent - Brandon Ryan

Committed to serving others with a discipline that comes from being a national championship athlete, Brandon Ryan places a top priority on changing people’s lives through real estate.




A momentum that keeps on building

From his early career days, Brandon was motivated to put in the hard work to serve others. He competed in multiple national championships as a Grand Valley State University football player while earning his bachelor’s degree and entering the workforce as a mortgage specialist. After several years of learning more about real estate, traveling, and investing in local businesses, Brandon made his breakaway toward becoming a realtor.  


“Reading about Don Peebles, Warren Buffett, Dottie Herman, and other successful people in real estate definitely piqued my interest,” said Brandon. “However, it was when I had a daughter and got married that I truly saw the opportunity to put in a lot of hard work, and yet still have more time for family as a realtor. So I decided –– with the support of my friends and family –– to dive head first into it.”




Adding value through a people-first attitude, followed by persistence and problem-solving 

Being a true people person, Brandon enjoys talking to clients about their lives and sharing his persistence and problem-solving capabilities to add value to their lives.


“My skill set benefits my clients because it gives them the freedom to not feel pressured into buying something that they truly don’t want, and it gives them the proper control over their process,” added Brandon. “ I don’t feel like I need to sell my clients on my ideas and my process, but make sure they know it’s a collaborative effort in buying and selling their home. Plus, I have a lot of positive relationships, which helps with sales discussions, too. Clients know that I will do what I can to work with the other realtors and have real conversations to get something done the right way –– in the best interest of everyone involved.”


Energized by positive outcomes and being at ease with the tough conversations that often need to take place in real estate, Brandon is committed to each client’s unique situation. He strives to ‘get things right’ for clients, and adversity becomes a chance to get back to the drawing board and work through it.




Brandon’s advice for homebuyers and homesellers 

Homebuyers should establish clear expectations with their realtor, and should feel comfortable to ask questions and be curious. Additionally, they should know that there are creative ways to get homebuyers into their ‘preferred home’, so be sure to tell their realtor when they see a home they really like.


Establishing clear expectations and feeling comfortable asking questions is equally important for homesellers. Additionally, they should be ready to table their emotions and trust their realtor to provide a well-justified home value and sales strategy.




Going for the win with 616 REALTY 

Although Brandon received great training with his former real estate company, it was 616 REALTY who advanced as the right fit in the long run.


“Knowing a few people who were working at 616 REALTY, I had the opportunity to sit down with Scot (616 REALTY’S owner) and he confirmed what I already knew and was looking for with my career. From the start, I knew my success would be based on the effort I put into it, but with 616 REALTY I also get the time I want to spend with my daughter, my wife, and our family dog. Upon meeting Scot, I knew 616 REALTY was the place for me, and I haven’t looked back since.”