Ten Simple Security Tips for Keeping Your Home Safe 

Your home is your sanctuary, so making sure that it is secure and that your family is protected is of significant importance. As with everything in life, we start to get a little too comfortable, take some things for granted, and sometimes, assume we are safer than we are. It’s always a good idea to remember that our safety is in our own hands and that we need to stay vigilant in order to stay safe! Here are 10 refresher tips to keep your home, your belongings, and most importantly, your loved ones safe and sound, not to mention, make your home more marketable should you decide to sell.



Check the garage

The truth is an attached garage often becomes a security breach in our homes. To ensure it is as safe as possible, make sure any side doors remain continually locked. Also, if you have windows, check to see that they are in good condition, lock them if they open, and make sure they haven’t been tampered with. Adding a deadbolt to the interior house door from the garage can also give your home another level of security. It is often used by criminals to breach the inside of our homes. 


Door security

Two locks are better than one. All of your doors to the outside should have deadbolts. The deadbolt and the lock on the handle should be locked whenever you are home and when you leave. You can also add  door frame protection kits to your outside door frames to secure your home further and make it difficult for criminals to breach your home by kicking in the door. Also, many homes have sliding doors, so using a sliding door deadbolt and/or adding a bar between the slider and the wall will bump up security when you are sleeping or away from your home. 


Especially during the day

Always keep your doors locked. Getting into the habit of locking them every time you go in and out is a good idea and a good habit. Some very bold thieves have been known to follow people right into their homes. 


“Home Alone”

You know how Kevin makes it appear like someone is always home? It is actually a pretty great idea! Most burglaries take place in the middle of the day. When you are going on vacation or if you work outside the home, consider adding a timer to a radio or television or leaving one on when you leave for work to scare off any potential thieves. 


Secure your security

Home security systems are great, but they can’t protect your home if they aren’t working. Make sure to test your security systems on a regular basis and perform any maintenance that is needed as often as the manufacturer recommends. 


Lock replacement

If you have lost a set of your keys, you most certainly should replace the locks. You should also replace your locks periodically especially if you have lived in a place for a long time and handed out keys to a number of individuals. It is also a good idea to have the locks replaced shortly after you buy your new home. You never know how many keys have been passed around. 


Light it up

Having motion lights in darker areas where thieves may hide or get access to your home is a great tip! Of course, the key is to check your motion sensor lights often to make sure they are working properly. The sensors need to be cleaned periodically. Adding landscape lighting and lighting to all exterior doors can be beneficial as well. Consider smart technology where you can turn them on and off with your phone and never have to try to open a door in the dark again (never mind having to worry about criminals sneaking up on you either). 


Your neighbors are great security guards

Getting to know your neighbors is one of the best ways to keep your home and their home safe. Make a point to meet them and share with them the people they can expect to see in and out of your home! Together, you can protect your home and theirs from unwanted visitors and thieves. 


Adopt a dog

Lanie Brechting

Lanie. Photo credit: 616 Realty’s Administrative Manager, Jackie Brechting (a.k.a. Lanie’s mom)

This tip is a very extreme step to take, but if you have been considering one anyway, a dog is a great burglar deterrent. Thieves don’t like to risk life and limb for a payday, so that lab puppy you have been going back and forth on could be justified!




Your home and your loved ones in it are extremely important. Sometimes we take their safety for granted. Installing features that make it and them safer should be a priority. Stay alert, remember to maintain your safety equipment, and stay safe!


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