Lori Marvin - - Featured Agent

Quick on her feet, Lori Marvin has spent a lifetime putting others first and setting them up for success.



Navigating life’s complexities –– from health care to real estate

Lori’s career has been fast-moving, much like her high school days as a basketball player. In fact, it was a basketball injury that initially attracted her to health care and its fast-moving, people-first processes. She wasted no time starting her career journey –– earning a degree in radiology from Ferris State University, followed by a business management degree from Cornerstone University.  


Fast-forwarding through a rewarding, long-term health care career which involved management at a local cancer care center, Lori and her husband began investing in real estate. Once she noticed her agile problem-solving skills and people-first attitude were equally effective in real estate, she made the jump to obtain her real estate license. Shortly after, downsizing occurred in health care across the country. Lori took that moment to go full tilt as a real estate agent.  


“I’ve never been the kind of person to sit at a desk all day,” Lori admits. “Instead, I prefer to be on the move, meeting with clients and minimizing their adversity. Listening to clients, understanding their needs, and navigating them through the complexities of real estate is second nature for me.”  



Making sure each phase of the process is strong before getting to closing

As a service-driven professional, Lori takes a proactive approach to managing client expectations whether it’s related to inspections, negotiations, appraisals, or financing.  

“There’s a lot that occurs in between viewing homes, signing agreements, and handing off the keys,” Lori said. “Through it all, I aim for real, genuine connections –– educating, mediating, and making the process fun and upbeat. Although I’m a hard worker, expect a bit of dry humor and laughter from me, too.”  



Lori’s advice for homebuyers and homesellers

Homebuyers benefit most when they lean on their real estate agent to do the heavy lifting of finding the best homes that are also quality investments. It’s an emotional, complex process that involves listening to the guidance of loan officers as well.  

Ever-shifting real estate market changes can be smoother for homesellers who understand a proactive realtor is more likely to set them up for success.  



It’s all about the leadership at 616 REALTY

Scot’s an amazing leader and broker,” Lori said. “He’s very responsive and really cares about his realtors. His guidance is spot on, and he’s brought together a good team of genuine people who are able to work at their own pace. I’m confident he does all he can to enhance my commitment to each and every client.”

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