Lance Markoski - Featured Agent

616 REALTY Agent Lance Markoski: Coaching Clients Through Their Biggest Decisions


When you embark on a journey to find and secure your family’s dream home, or you are planning to sell the home where you spent a lifetime building-up equity and raising your children, you want and need expertise. But, becoming an expert on buying and selling homes yourself would be extremely difficult considering the average American only buys and sells three homes throughout a lifetime. 


During these financially important and emotionally charged transactions, it’s key to have the right brokerage and the right agent in your corner, like 616 REALTY’s Lance Markoski. He has the experience and skillset to solve problems as they arise, the demeanor to keep you calm under fire, and the passion and commitment to coach you day and night through a complex process.


Not only does Lance have 20 years of experience in real estate to help you navigate real estate’s choppy waters, but he admits that problem-solving is one of his strengths. “At its heart, real estate is a series of problems that need to be solved in the most efficient and timely manner. I think that is my gift. I am a problem solver; it fits with my personality and my given gifts.”


Lance’s calming influence is also useful when things are emotionally charged and constantly changing as they often are during real estate transactions. “Real estate is a very personal endeavor so when you are selling or buying a house, it is emotional. I am sensitive to that; I am a calming influence. I am fairly calm in my demeanor, and I don’t get externally rattled. That is helpful in making clients feel calm and confident and helps me to get them across the finish line.”


With a real estate market that is as competitive as the National College Football Championship or the FIFA World Cup, having a great agent is as important as having a great coach. Fortunately for Lance’s clients, he is both. “I really enjoy coaching. The (sports) coaching I have done has helped with my real estate and the reverse is true as well. Basically coaching is teaching; teaching is helping people–helping them achieve their goals.” 


Along with having a good coach, having an agent who is adept at negotiating is central for a successful transaction. But it isn’t just about winning for Lance.”I love negotiating, but not in terms of a personal victory, but getting my clients as close to what they want as possible.” 


He admits that hasn’t always been possible regardless of his or the clients’ efforts.  “No matter how hard a buyer or seller tries to do right things, external forces can keep them from achieving that. In the last couple of years, I have had clients do everything right, and do exactly what they needed to do, but we did not get the results we wanted. It has sometimes been heartbreaking.”  


But it doesn’t deter him, and he continues to do what he loves. One of the aspects of being an agent that Markoski loves the most is his clients, the diversity of people he serves. “I have enjoyed a wide mix from all different backgrounds. I don’t have a niche market. For me, it is a really awesome part of the career. You get to work with so many people from different walks of life.


He has many stories of  transactions with special clients who have made an impact on him. One in particular was a man living the American dream. “He was from Mexico City. He grew up there and moved to America and became a chef. He is someone who appreciates our culture probably even more than most.”


Markoski is living his dream too. He got started in real estate early, before he even had time to graduate from college. He grew up in the area and graduated from Hopkins then headed to college at Grand Valley. “I had a class with someone who was fairly young and already in the business. We took a class together, and we chatted about real estate. His mom owned the brokerage he worked at, and he said you should go talk to my mom. I think you will like it.” Sure enough, he did. “I fell in love with it. Things started to go pretty well, so I didn’t finish college.” 



He moved to  Traverse City in 2001, but in 2018 came back home to his “sphere of influence” and discovered 616 REALTY. “I have been in the business long enough to know the big brokerages aren’t for me. Scot is a great dude. He built this business from scratch, and 616 REALTY offers the calm, honest, down-to-earth atmosphere that I prefer to work in.”  


Advice for buyers

Lance has some good advice for buyers. “Be patient and trust the process. The process changes on a daily basis. Select a good lender and a good agent who is going to be truthful and honest. Follow their guidance.” He also advises, “find a house that has a good structure and good mechanicals and don’t worry about cosmetic things; they can be changed very inexpensively comparatively. That is the best investment. I see a lot of new builds that are aesthetically pleasing but may not be as mechanically and structurally sound as an older home, and they cost a lot of money.”


Advice for sellers

“Be on top of the market,” Lance insists. “Find someone who follows the market on a daily basis…even hourly basis and stay ahead of it. There are so many changes and pockets of changes. The market has changed dramatically and continues to change.”


Lance Markoski is that agent. He not only stays on top of the market, but he will coach you through your most important transactions. In addition to all that, he is  “very responsive, honest, and straight forward. I even shovel sidewalks and move furniture. I do things that need to be done, to smooth things out, and to get my clients across the finish line.” What more could you ask for?


Let 616 REALTY and Lance Markoski help you with any of your real estate needs and questions.