Courtney Clement -- Featured Agent

When Buying or Selling Your Home You Want and Need an All Star: Enter 616 REALTY’S Courtney Clement


When embarking on one of the most important financial and emotional transactions of your life, buying or selling a home, it stands to reason that you want an all star on your team. That is exactly what you will get with 616 REALTY’s Courtney Clement. The eight year veteran and 2023 Grand Rapids Real Estate All Star chosen by Grand Rapids Magazine, is definitely your go to agent to help you accomplish your home buying/selling goals.


Getting started

Almost 10 years ago, the full time mom and part-time employee was looking for a career change. “I have always enjoyed customer service jobs over the years, but wanted to work for myself. As my kids grew older and became more independent, I was looking for something to dive in, full time. Being social and service driven, my husband suggested that I try real estate.”

She got started in 2015, and it turns out, real estate was a great fit. “I am about the relationship with my clients. Many of my clients were friends and acquaintances that I had before I became an agent.” Courtney’s focus is on helping clients and making their experience a success. “My goal is for clients to have a great experience every time, rather than focusing on many transactions.” She adds, “It is so nice to see someone be successful. Every time someone buys a new house they are entering a new phase. It is very rewarding to see someone become a homeowner.”


Hard work and growth

“I learned it (real estate) is not easy. It definitely takes hard work. Buying a home is emotional, and you want everything to be perfect for your client. Buying a home is personal. Sometimes it isn’t the right home for the buyer; sometimes it isn’t the right buyer for the seller. There are a lot of variables. Sometimes clients can look for a couple of months. Sometimes it can be multiple years before you find the right home for your client. And, sometimes you do everything right, and the transaction falls apart. It takes thick skin…”

Being an all star in real estate is also about growth. “I learned that every transaction is an opportunity to gain more knowledge/experience. Every time it seems like there are takeaways I can use to help the next Buyer or Seller. I love to use real life examples when giving advice in real estate.” And that willingness to learn and grow is paying off. In 2022, Clement was a Top 10 agent at 616 REALTY.


Being an all star means great customer service

“One of the things I take pride in is providing a personal service to clients. You get me from start to finish, no assistants.”

Clement adds that she is invested in every single client. “I am all about quality versus quantity. I don’t want you to be a number; I want you to call me next time. I want to be the person you think of to call when you need real estate services. Buying and selling a home is one of the biggest transactions you will experience, so it is important.”

Clement also goes above and beyond in other ways. “I also offer staging services to my clients. I don’t hire someone else to do it. I do it myself.” She admits she loves home design. “It is one of the things that does it for me. It is exciting to help a Seller prep their home for market, and see the finished product in professional photos.”


Being an all star agent also means…

  • Be responsive. “This is key, especially since everything in real estate these days is so fast-paced. “You have to get an offer in today if there isn’t a deadline.” With Courtney, you also get an agent who is personable and listens. “You want someone who isn’t pushing what they think is the right home.”
  • Know the current market. “You need an agent who can write a good offer. That requires having someone who has current market experience and who is writing offers right now, today.”
  • Be a buying and listing agent. “Select an agent with experience on both sides of the transaction because it helps you on both sides.
  • Be a solid negotiator. “Clients need to choose an effective negotiator.”


Success stories along the way

For Clement, there are many success stories, but she remembers one client in particular. “I helped him as a first time home buyer and then helped him sell it a few years later and make a really great profit. It was rewarding to know that I helped him find a property that provided a great return on his investment. With staging and a marketing game plan we were able to get top dollar for his home. It was rewarding to see him be successful. It was also nice to know that he had a great experience with me the first time and wanted to work with me a second time.”



“I am very happy to be with 616 REALTY. Scot is great and down to earth. He always texts or calls back when needed. Everyone is welcoming and helpful. Office managers, Jackie and Bethany, are quick to provide any responses and resources I might ask for. Meetings supply us with quality information to better service our clients. I enjoy participating in an agent accountability group, to discuss business with fellow agents and peers in the industry,” Clement says of 616 REALTY.


Advice to buyers

While interest rates are higher than two years ago, Clement says it is still a good time to buy. “Paying your own mortgage is better than someone else’s! You can always refinance later when rates come down.” She also advises, “Save money and be persistent. Saving money and paying down any debt increases your buying power.”


Advice for sellers

“Hire an agent. You need the experience to get the highest price, and market exposure to the largest pool of qualified buyers. If you don’t do that you are leaving money on the table. Doing it alone will not save you money, representation matters… Also, choose someone with current market knowledge, they will give you the best advice and tools to use to your advantage.” Courtney adds, “Put your best foot forward with your home. Have it show ready, clean, and living up to its full potential.”


Life beyond real estate

When Clement isn’t helping clients, she is a mom of three active kids and likes to be involved in supporting her community. “It is important to me to give back to the community I live in and support small business.” Clement is on the board of the Comstock Park Educational Foundation, an organization that provides books to kids and aid to teachers. Also a big sports fan, “When I’m not working, you can probably catch me on a football field, in a basketball gym, or on a golf course cheering on the Comstock Park Panthers!”


For an All Star Agent and an all star experience, contact Courtney Clement and 616 REALTY.