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Am I legally required to provide the listing agent/broker with a copy of my agency disclosure form or my exclusive buyer agency agreement?
Am I required to use the Delayed Presentation of Offers Addendum with all listings?
Are the sellers final signatures in paragraph 37 sellers receipt of the purchase agreement required in order for the agreement to be binding?
At what point is an offer considered binding?
Do I need to disclose that I am family of a seller or buyer?
Does GRAR still offer a withdrawal agreement?
Does the seller need to disclose on the Seller’s Disclosure Statement that a basement leaked two years ago, even though it was fixed?
I am representing a buyer in a transaction where the agreed upon closing date is “on or before January 5.” My client is ready to close now and wants to schedule the closing date earlier than January 5, but the seller is refusing. Is the seller obligated to close at an earlier date?
I am representing a buyer in the purchase of a home. The listing agent said that, by law, I am required to provide him with a copy of the agency disclosure statement I furnished to my buyer-client. Is this true?
I am working in a designated agency office. Is it true that so long as I check “buyer agency” on the agency disclosure form, a buyer agency agreement is not necessary?
I have a buyer who wishes to write an offer sight unseen. My broker mentioned that there is a form that I can use in these instances to confirm that I recommended a showing. Where can I locate that form?
I received multiple offers on my listing and would like to summarize them when responding on behalf of my sellers. Is there a form to assist with that process?
If a property is owned by an LLC, is it ok for the President of the LLC to sign the listing agreement?
If a sale has fallen through, but a Mutual Release of Purchase Agreement hasn’t yet been signed, can the status of the listing be changed back to Active on the MLS?
In a multiple offer situation, is there a form that will assist the listing agent in communicating which offer was accepted?
Innocent & Intentional Misrepresentations: What are the repercussions for a seller who misrepresents the condition of the property?
Is a Mutual Release Form (MR) for required in order for a transaction to be terminated?
Is an addendum required when the seller calls for highest and best?
Is the West Michigan Regional Purchase Agreement in conflict with state law as it relates to the timeframe for collection of the earnest deposit?
Is there a form for referring a buyer to another agent?
My buyer is agreeable to the seller maintaining possession for 30 days after close. Is that something that can be written into the purchase agreement?
My buyer made an offer that the seller countered. Before we could respond, the listing agent sent me a text message stating that the seller was withdrawing the counter offer and going with highest and best. Can a counteroffer be withdrawn via a text message?
My buyer wants to offer a non-refundable earnest money deposit to make his offer more attractive to the seller. Does GRAR offer an addendum for this purpose?
My seller suffers from dementia and her daughter has power of attorney. Should the daughter fill out a Seller’s Disclosure Statement on her mother’s behalf?
My sellers are not going to provide a Seller’s Disclosure Statement because they have never lived in the residence and have only used it as a rental. Is this proper?
The 2024 West Michigan Regional Listing Agreement has some new checkboxes and fields in the Fixtures & Improvements Paragraph for the identification of rented items. Does that information also need to be disclosed on the MLS?
What are other non-standard real estate forms that might be useful in helping me protect my clients?
What are the disclosure requirements for learning a sex offender lives across the street from a listing?
When is an offer considered binding?
Who completes the Seller Disclosure Statement?
Why does the Listing Agreement ask if the Seller is a US Citizen or a resident alien?
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