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Am I legally required to provide the listing agent/broker with a copy of my agency disclosure form or my exclusive buyer agency agreement?
Can a seller prevent a person from entering their property?
Do agents need to disclose that they are licensed when buying and selling properties?
How can the amount of commission to a buyer’s agent be reduced to make the buyer’s offer more attractive to a seller in a multiple offer situation?
How do I determine if a particular address of my new listing is located in a flood zone?
How do I know which items remain with a property and which items should be reserved by a seller?
How quickly does earnest money need to be deposited?
I am a licensed real estate agent. Can I buy an interest in a title company and refer business to that title company?
I am representing a buyer in a transaction where the agreed upon closing date is “on or before January 5.” My client is ready to close now and wants to schedule the closing date earlier than January 5, but the seller is refusing. Is the seller obligated to close at an earlier date?
I represented the buyer in a transaction where the MLS indicated that the refrigerator was included, but after closing we realized that the sellers had replaced the stainless steel, side-byside refrigerator with a white, older model. Do we have any recourse?
Innocent & Intentional Misrepresentations: What are the repercussions for a seller who misrepresents the condition of the property?
Is a seller required to give all buyers the opportunity to write their highest and best offer?
Is it ok for a seller to only allow showings for pre-approved buyers?
Is it ok for a seller to watch via video or listen during showings and open houses using a smart home device?
Is there a “set commission” real estate agents charge consumers?
May the listing agent delay the presentation of offers to the Seller?
My buyer and I are discussing methods to make an offer more attractive to a seller, even though some of those options come with risk. Is there a hold harmless of sorts that should be completed if they choose to employ one of these methods?
My buyer made an offer that the seller countered. Before we could respond, the listing agent sent me a text message stating that the seller was withdrawing the counter offer and going with highest and best. Can a counteroffer be withdrawn via a text message?
My buyers have immediate possession. Does that mean that they can start moving in on the day of the closing?
Seller Calling for Highest and Best
Should Buyers Make Multiple Simultaneous Offers for Homes?
What are the risks of implied agency?
What should I do if a scammer uses my listing to create a fraudulent rental ad?
When does the 10-day inspection period start - the day of acceptance of the offer or the day after?
Who chooses the Title Company?
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