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Am I allowed to advertise another broker’s listing?
Are agents required to leave business cards after showings?
Are there limitations on the activities that an unlicensed assistant may perform?
Do I need to assign a lockbox to a listing?
Does GRAR have a policy regarding late night recruitment calls?
Does GRAR still offer a withdrawal agreement?
GRAR ran a series of architectural design descriptions in the newsletter last year. Is there a location where I can find a complete list of those descriptions?
GRAR's Update on NAR's Settlement
How do I update my roster/contact page and photo on
How should I notify GRAR of a website issue on the weekend?
I am representing a buyer in the purchase of a home. The listing agent said that, by law, I am required to provide him with a copy of the agency disclosure statement I furnished to my buyer-client. Is this true?
I have transferred to a new brokerage, but had a closing occur after I left with my former brokerage. There is a dispute now concerning my compensation. Is that a complaint that could be submitted to GRAR’s Professional Standards Committee for consideration?
I recall hearing about a tool in GRAR’s New Member Orientation that helps homeowners determine if upgrades are worth the investment prior to selling. Can you remind me where I would access that service?
I represent buyers who terminated a purchase agreement after discovering black mold in the house. I now have another interested buyer who would like to make an offer on the same home. The listing agent said that I cannot tell my buyer about the prior buyers’ discovery of mold because I obtained that information during a prior agency relationship. Is this true?
If an agent is transferring to a new brokerage, can a pending sale make that transition too?
Is it ok to ask an agent from a different brokerage to show a property for me or conduct an open house?
What are the requirements for real estate signs (design and placement)?
What are the standards/timeframes for promotion of unlisted and listed properties?
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