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Can a seller withhold a sale price from the MLS?
Can I submit a listing to the MLS that says that the seller is tentatively planning to review offers on a certain date, but reserves the right to accept an offer prior to that date?
Do agents need to disclose that they are licensed when buying and selling properties?
Do I need to disclose that I am family of a seller or buyer?
Dual commission arrangement
For estate properties, why does the MLS question who signed the listing agreement? Isn’t confirmation of authorized signatories the responsibility of the title company?
How long does a home need to be off the market for the continuous days on market to reset on the MLS?
I represented the buyer in a transaction where the MLS indicated that the refrigerator was included, but after closing we realized that the sellers had replaced the stainless steel, side-byside refrigerator with a white, older model. Do we have any recourse?
I submitted a new listing to the MLS and noticed that my name and phone number was removed from the public marketing remarks. Why is that?
I will sometimes come across a listing on the MLS where the address appears to be intentionally modified to skew the days on market. Should I report those instances?
If a property is owned by an LLC, is it ok for the President of the LLC to sign the listing agreement?
If a sale has fallen through, but a Mutual Release of Purchase Agreement hasn’t yet been signed, can the status of the listing be changed back to Active on the MLS?
If an agent within a brokerage holds a Manufactured Home Retailer’s license, but the broker does not. Can that agent list manufactured homes in parks on the MLS?
If I get an agency disclosure form signed, do I still need a buyer’s agency agreement? I will be paid through the offer of compensation in the MLS.
If the broker holds the Manufactured Home Retailer’s License, can the name of an agent affiliated with that broker still appear on the listing?
Is a seller required to disclose that a home is a modular home?
Is there a complete list of terms or phrases that should be avoided when writing listing comments?
My seller suffers from dementia and her daughter has power of attorney. Should the daughter fill out a Seller’s Disclosure Statement on her mother’s behalf?
The 2024 West Michigan Regional Listing Agreement has some new checkboxes and fields in the Fixtures & Improvements Paragraph for the identification of rented items. Does that information also need to be disclosed on the MLS?
What are the standards/timeframes for promotion of unlisted and listed properties?
What do the SA, BA, TC abbreviations on the MLS represent?
What if a listing was submitted with the Delayed Offers Addendum, but the seller wants to change that date or remove the delay?
What is a stigmatized property? Does that status need to be disclosed on the MLS?
What is a withdrawn listing? Can the end date of a withdrawn listing be extended?
What is the definition of a bedroom?
What is the maximum size photo that can be uploaded to the MLS?
When a sale falls through, how do I hide the previous selling agent’s name to prevent sensitive information from being disclosed to future buyers or their representatives?
When is the active/contingent status used?
Who completes the Seller Disclosure Statement?
Why are MLSs needed when you can find listings for homes in so many places online?
Why are phrases like great for a large family, perfect for empty nesters, and will appeal to the outdoorsmen removed from MLS listing comments?
Why doesn’t the MLS have a search option for communities that are limited to residents of 55 years and older?
Why isn’t lot rent a required field?
Will manufactured homes in parks be included in IDX feeds?
Will the MLS accept a listing for a mobile home in a park?
Will the MLS accept a listing that is conditional upon the seller finding a new home?
Will the MLS accept a listing that is conditional upon the seller finding a new home?
Will there be an ability to either include or exclude homes in parks when searching on the MLS?
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