Cindy Clark

I am a leader, problem solver and a challenge buster! I go all out for my clients to make your transaction smooth, efficient and minimize the amount of work and stress on you and your family. I will advocate for your wants, needs, goals, and timelines throughout the transaction and will always be loyal, honest, courteous and tactful; and expect the same from my clients. This should be a joyful and memorable experience that you will won’t forget, including me. You may even invite me into your family.

I LOVE being a Realtor for so many reasons. It’s just simply rewarding and a great fit for my personality, knowledge, and skills to be utilized. I left a corporate HR & Training career to be home with my disabled son in our time of need. Working in real estate provided me the time and flexibility as a single mom to assist, support, teach and be present to love my 3 children. Our journey has grown into a passion for being involved with mental health for additional supports, services, awareness, and education.

I love learning constantly. I am fluent in ASL and enjoy reading books, listening to podcasts, and researching all sorts of topics on behavioral and developmental psychology, sociology, economics & Workforce Development. Yes, I am eccentric, a bit nerdy and sometimes silly. Some of my grounding tools are watching movies and documentaries, enjoying local music, wooded bicycling & hiking, adult coloring, stained glass, and competitive billiards (APA, BCA, NAPA).

WMU Alumni – Go Broncos!
My education includes a Masters in CECP and HPI. Basically, organizational development with studies in psych counseling, adult education, employment law, learning technologies, and human performance improvement. I also have a BS in Marketing Management. I have over 30 years experience in project management, executive leadership, strategic planning, performance measurement, problem solving and corporate consulting, DOL Apprenticeship design & implementation, workforce & economic development, Environmental Health & Safety, along with corporate and event security.

– Cindy Clark, Your Forever Agent


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