Dawn Broene


A West Michigan native, Dawn brings years of engineering and non-project management skills and experience—leadership, problem-solving, analytics, attention to detail, negotiation, innovation—to her real estate business.
She is passionate about real estate, but more importantly, she is led by a desire to help others. Whether it is with her volunteer work or the time and attention she gives to her clients and their real estate goals, Dawn loves to educate and guide others as they make one of the biggest financial investments and personal decisions in their lives.

As a mother of a Gen Z’er, she loves to help lead young people through this complex transaction. “There are a lot of twists and turns, a lot of things you need to know. It can be a roller coaster,” Dawn admits to her clients, but she is there every step of the way to guide, serve, and help them achieve their dreams.

Dawn is an optimist who positively approaches every situation and who is very patient. The amount of trust her clients give her isn’t lost on her, “It is a huge honor, and I take that responsibility very seriously.”
When Dawn isn’t hustling for her clients she loves to spend time watching HGTV, reading, and spending time with her husband and very energetic beagles.

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