Ian Ross



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Follow my blog: https://616realty.com/blog-ian-ross/

I’m a big believer in Grand Rapids. I live right here on the west side. You can hear me on the radio at 94.9 Jethro FM/Polka Pops or see me around at events like Kielbasa Idol. I’m proudly a member of Polish Falcons and tend bar there a few nights a week.

I enjoy the outdoors. In the sunny months I go camping and hiking, or swimming. When there’s snow on the ground, I try to be on my cross-country skis as often as possible. In the backyard, I keep chickens and tend a vegetable garden.

If you’re looking for an opinion or a quick chat about real estate, feel free to give me a call on my cell. I try to pick up the phone whenever I can. But if you miss me just leave a voicemail and I’ll call you right back.