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Your real estate license is a valuable asset that can still generate income, without having to pay all of the real estate board fees.

Whether you are planning to retire, taking a break or simply no longer wish to practice real estate - your friends, family and business contacts still need services by real estate professionals. ONLY HOLDINGS is a Michigan Real Estate Broker that holds licenses for salespersons in Michigan who are not actively practicing real estate, but would like to generate income and keep their hard-earned Michigan salesperson license active and in good standing with LARA.

The Perks


Enjoy a continuing revenue stream from referrals, without paying all the real estate board fees.


You can easily transfer to a brokerage whenever you're ready to represent buyers and sellers again.


You pick the brokers to whom you refer buyers or sellers.

The Compensation Structure

80 / 20

For every referral fee received:

to You
to Only Holdings

The Annual Fee

$155 / year

Q & A

1.  Complete the sign-up documents

If you are interested in placing your license in holding with us, please fill out our contact form. We’ll send you our Only Holdings Information Packet and a link to complete the sign-up documents via email, should you decide to proceed.


2.  Pay the annual holding fee 

After completing the sign-up documents, you will be emailed a payment link. The annual holding fee must be paid first before we will accept your license online with the State of Michigan.


3.  Transfer your license on MiPLUS.

Transfer your license to Only Holdings online using the MiPLUS website. Our broker license number is 6505428948

For more detailed directions on how to transfer online, please click here.

How long does the process take?

As soon as you have signed our documents, paid the holding fee online and submitted the transfer with the State of Michigan online, we will accept your license online. A licensee can make referrals as soon as we accept your license.

You can refer buyers/sellers to other brokers of your choice, such as 616 REALTY, that are actively engaged in buying/selling real estate.  If one of those “leads” or referrals materializes and results in the sale of property, then you would keep 80% of any referral fee generated from that referral, and we would keep the other 20%.

An executed Only Holdings Referral Agreement is required for every referral and can be submitted to

When the sale is closed Only Holdings will process the transaction within two (2) business days of receiving the commission check. Only Holdings disperses commissions via ACH Direct Deposit. You will need to complete a one time authorization form in order to have payments initiated to your bank account. This will be sent with your sign-up documents.

 1.  Pay your Annual Holding Fee 

Pay your holding fee annually.

2.  Maintain Continuing Education Requirements

You need to maintain an active license to refer transactions and receive compensation for it which means you will have to abide by the required con-ed regulations. You can view your con-ed credits on the CE Marketplace. 

3.  Renew Your License 

You are responsible for renewing your real estate license every three years. LARA will remind you via email. You can renew online or by mail. You are responsible for paying all licensing fees to LARA.

4.  Do Not Actively Practice

You agree not to actively engage in the practice of real estate, such as but not limited to:

  • Not to represent buyers or sellers;
  • Not to act as a property manager;
  • Not to offer services for buying, sale, leasing, listing, construction, or market analyses of real estate;
  • Not to negotiate for any buying, sale, leasing, exchange, construction, or mortgage of real estate.

You must also agree to continually abide by the laws, statutes and regulations of the State of Michigan and the Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA).  

The holding fee is $155.00 per year. The holding fee is due annually on the 1st day of the following month that you put your license into holding. You will be emailed a link to pay your annual holding fee. If you are more than 30 days late on your annual payment, your license will be sent back to the State of Michigan.

No. Once your license is in holding, you do not pay any association membership dues and fees. This means you loose the benefits of GRAR / REATLOR® membership, which includes MLS access. You can use a 3rd party wesbite such as Zillow,, Trulia to search for properties.

You can transfer to another broker, such as 616 REALTY, at any time using the State of Michigan’s MiPLUS system. 

Signing up is easy...

Complete sign-up documents

Pay annual holding fee

Transfer license on MiPLUS

Next, simply start earning income from your referrals...

ONLY HOLDINGS - 2022 White

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