Real Estate and Styling Hair Surprisingly Aren’t That Different–Just Ask Deb Ables

Initially, you wouldn’t think that hair styling and buying and selling homes would have that much in common, but  after scratching the surface, it makes perfect sense. They have to work hard to make their clients happy, and to do that, Deb Ables, 616 Realty agent/hairstylist not only listens, but hears.

Why be good at one career when you can be great at two

After doing hair for  25+ years and loving it, Deb thought she might be ready for a change, “I have always loved doing hair, but I was getting a little bored.” She decided that she was finally going to go for it and get her real estate license.  “I wanted something different. I always wanted to be doing stuff with homes, decorating–that is what I love.” And when it came time to choose one over the other, she decided to do both, “it was challenging to just leave something I had done for 30 years.” 

Active listening is the key ingredient

It has worked out because working in real estate and styling hair complement one another. They are both about active listening and trying to give people exactly what they are searching for;  “I work well with clients. It is putting them first, always. When someone sits in your chair, they share what they want. As a hairdresser, you listen to them and that is how you get the best results with hair and I think with buying a house. …They’re (both) such personal things. You have to have someone you can trust and they trust me because I have been doing their hair for so long.” 

It’s a rewarding challenge

Doing both isn’t without its challenges. Many of her clients in her chair are the same ones she is buying and selling homes for, so hearing their wants and needs and translating them into a great style or a great home is demanding. “It’s been my biggest challenge, but it has also been the most rewarding. I know the client already. When you are working as a hairdresser, if you don’t listen you aren’t going to get good results.” And in real estate, it isn’t just about pleasing one person, often it’s pleasing TWO people.  “When working with couples, it’s being that filter. It’s listening to both of their wants and needs and joining them together — it’s the perfect key for finding the perfect house.”   

“It works out really well because I am always working for them and not the sale.”

Not just listening, but hearing

Ables is likely good at doing both because she is adept at hearing what her clients say, and also using her intuition. “I had some clients, we sold their house, and they were thinking about building in Cascade. They were meeting with builders, and they weren’t loving it. I had been listening all along to their wants and found a house that I thought would meet both his needs and her’s.” While her clients were initially resistant because of the outside of the home, they finally took a look, “and you know what, they bought it, and that has happened to me several times. …So, it’s just listening and figuring it out. It takes time.”

“ I don’t have to be here (selling real estate). I don’t need to be top sales; I just need to be top with my clients.”

Why 616 Realty?

“I met Scot right when I got my license. One thing I love about him and 616, they let you be you. It’s been a really good fit. They are just so personable. Bethany and Jackie are always there for me. I can’t imagine going anywhere else.”

Advice for first time home buyers

“Buy your first home, right!” Deb points out that it doesn’t have to be a forever home, it just needs to be a good investment. “I tell them, you are building equity for your next home. Find a house that fits your needs. Look at the bottom line of what you can afford. Budget out stuff that you can’t change. …and make sure it is a give and take on both sides.” 

Advice to sellers

“They should have it in an orderly manner, clean and somewhat staged, and it needs to be priced right. Also, (in today’s market) it might take a while to find a place to go. Make sure you have other options if you are selling your place.”

Whether 616 Realty agent Deb Ables is styling your hair or helping you buy or sell a home, she does both with excellence. If you are seeking an agent who thoroughly listens (and hears) and who will work with you from start to finish, who doesn’t ever back down from a challenge, and who will work super hard so you don’t have to, then give her a call today.  And while you are at it, if you need a great hairstyle or cut, you can call her for that, too!