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Selling a home can be a complex process, but it's also a rewarding one. By understanding the process and working with a qualified real estate agent, you can make the sale of your home a smooth and successful one. These are the first steps.

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Find out what your home is worth.

The first step in selling your home is finding out what your home is worth. We can come out and give you a free home assessment and market analysis. We can even give an analysis before coming out to give you a rough idea of your home’s value, but it is more accurate for us to come out and assess the property on-site.

Find a great agent.

The next step is finding a great agent. An agent is there to handle managing the transaction, and for marketing your home. 616 REALTY has built our reputation on selling homes for top dollar. We work with stagers, if you’re open to it, and we’ve really increased the value of homes we sell by doing this. We can paint, clean, set it all up for you to get multiple offers through our marketing process.


Home Selling FAQ

We market to the public, but also to other real estate companies. We’re cooperative with you - we’re looking out for the best interest for the seller, and we want to sell to the buyers who will give you the best price for your home.

Professional photography is a must-have when selling a home. We make sure to get the best placements for your listing, so we want to take advantage of those placements with the best photographs we can get of your home. Photos are one more thing to check off your list and let us take care of.

Just be cooperative and have the house ready to sell. We can help with that, but ultimately it’s your house and you’re involved in the process. It really helps us when sellers have flexibility with showings. It’s a seller’s market, so hopefully, you don’t have to show it for too long. But it can be an intense few days or even weeks to show a house - making time for showings is vital.

Typically sellers don’t need multiple assessments. Sometimes, if we’re having trouble deciding on a listing price, we can call in another appraiser. For a rural property or for very unique properties, this can be helpful in finding the proper value of the property.


There is a state and county transfer tax, which are tax deductible.

You should find an agent right away. They will know the area and the neighborhood. If you’re looking into other homes, you should definitely reach out sooner rather than later.

You should track all expenses and bring them to your accountant or use for your own tax filing purposes.

If you’ve owned and lived in a home for 2 years or more, as your primary residence, you don’t pay capital gains tax on it anyway. If it’s not your primary residence, you do have to pay the capital gains tax.

Selling fees can be confusing, so let’s break it down. You can expect fees associated with these costs:

  • Transfer tax
  • Title insurance
  • Closing fee - to the title company
  • Recording fee - to the county
  • Brokerage fee - to your real estate broker

All of these fees added together average around 8% of the transaction.

Contacting an agent is the first step. Don’t worry yet whether or not your house is ready - we can help you with that. 

It’s a seller’s market so if you’re thinking about it, get on it now! Don’t worry so much beforehand, we can help you decide what to do or not to do to get the house ready to show and sell. 

The first thing to do is to get it cleaned and clutter-free. Subconsciously, people will feel like the house is smaller the more stuff is in it, and a clean home seems to be in better shape.

If you’re wanting to get it inspected before it hits the market, it’s probably not a necessary expense but we can help set an inspection up.

Talk to an agent before making any big improvements - we’ll be able to suggest whether or not it’s needed to sell. 

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I had the pleasure of working with 616 when buying my home. They went above & beyond to help me get my house. I couldn’t recommend a more friendly & professional place!

Shelby Elliott

Over the years I have worked with numerous agents at 616 Realty, they all have demonstrated a high level of professionalism. I would encourage anyone looking to buy or sell a home to work with these agents.

Cesar Gonzales

Everyone at 616 Realty worked together so well which made my life easier while searching for and closing on our new home. I highly recommend buying and selling with 616 Realty!!

Jodie Haas

Scot and the entire 616 team were amazing to work with. Scot helped us write an incredible offer that was able to beat out 5 other offers (even an offer that was 20K above ours). His team's experience and love for their job shows everytime we talked. We were in great hands!

Sarah Lackey

Scot and the team @ 616 are outstanding. Scot is a pleasure to work with and helped us sell our home last week and best of all above asking price! We've worked with Scot on other properties in the past and it's always been a positive experience. I highly recommend 616 Realty.

Matt Pickart

So happy I worked with 616 to sell my property! Extremely responsive and gave great advice to sell my home fast. I look forward to working together in the future!

Amanda Cordes

Easy to work with and really knew what they were doing!

Ethan Jannenga

Best place to go if you are buying or selling a home.

Kellie Phillips

616 Realty sold my home in three days using their excellent marketing and well trained staff. The process was followed with regular updates by email so I always was up to date of the process.

Marti Bouwkamp

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