Considering a Kitchen Remodel – Here’s What You Need To Know

In the last couple years, our kitchens have become even more important than ever. They are our gathering place, the place where we connect with our loved ones, our place of nourishment–for both our bodies and our souls. Because our kitchens are often the setting of many great memories, we want them to be comfortable and functional. If you have spent as much time in your kitchen as most people the last two years, you have started to notice all the things you don’t like about that space, and you might be considering a remodel.  

A remodel of your kitchen is not only a great way to make your home more enjoyable, but it is also a good place to spend your money to keep increasing your home’s value. The kitchen is the most important room for most home buyers. When they are house hunting, it is the kitchen that often makes or breaks an offer, so it is a good room to invest in. 

Keep in mind that if you spend too much, you may never recoup what you put in (which is fine, if you plan to spend your life there). If you are planning to sell in the future, make sure to keep your budget in line with housing prices in your neighborhood. 

We have created some additional food for thought as you ponder and possibly plan for a kitchen remodel. 



Mull over what you can and can’t live with

Look at your kitchen objectively. Even talk to some friends who will help you objectively look at your kitchen. 

  • What areas present problems?
  • What parts are still quite functional, which need work?
  • What additions are a good investment?
  • What could you do to make it more aesthetically attractive?




Should you hire a designer

A designer can really be helpful in unlocking your kitchen’s full potential. They may take up a bit of your budget ($1500-$3000), but they can also save you a ton of money and give you a ton of joy when you have a kitchen that meets all your criteria. 




Take a look at your budget

The budget is going to dictate the depth and breadth of your project and certainly the materials and appliances. Think about your must haves and what you could do without. Here is a general guideline of a typical kitchen budget:

  • 20%: cabinets
  • 25%: labor
  • 10%: appliances
  • 10%: windows
  • 20%: counters and flooring
  •   5%: fittings
  • 10%: other




Check out the trends but think long term

The trends this year in kitchen design are fun and unique. But, keep in mind that trends are just that, trends. They come and go, so don’t get stuck with avocado appliances for the rest of your life. Choose your materials and your finishes carefully. Try to keep the ultra-trendy materials to a minimum. Of course, add in touches of 2022 into your design, but make sure they are things that can be changed easily and with minimal cost (for example–paint color)! 




Consider the space

Your budget will certainly play into what you can and can’t do, but think outside the box. Consider alternatives for making your space bigger, brighter, more user-friendly. 

  • Can you remove a column? 
  • Is there a way to change the directionality of the room? 
  • Can you utilize an empty wall and add windows? 

Think outside the box to see if you can make your kitchen bolder and bigger and even more fabulous and functional.




Consider usage

A kitchen that is the style you have always wanted, modern, traditional, or kitschy, is important, but functionality is the essential ingredient. Think about what kinds of spaces you need so that it is highly functional:

  • Is there a triangle between your fridge, counters, and stove?
  • Is there enough room for multiple people in the kitchen?
  • Are all the cupboards easily accessible?
  • Do you need multiple food prep areas?
  • Do you need work spaces on both sides of the stove?



At last, make sure that you find a professional who is highly recommended, has referrals, and is licensed and insured. Also, utilize your 616 Realty agent. They know what home buyers are looking for in a kitchen. Get some advice on what has the highest return on investment. Ask them what home buyers want most! 

Remodeling your kitchen is a thrilling adventure. Take your time, ask the experts, and get the most functional, aesthetically pleasing kitchen to make more meals and more memories with your loved ones.