5 Reasons To Pressure Wash Your Concrete Patio & Driveway

Having your driveway and patio pressure washed is one of the most important things you can do to maintain the value of your home. Power washing will:



1. Extend the life of your patio or driveway

It’s no secret that the costs associated with concrete repairs are expensive. Concrete is susceptible to damage caused by the weather here in Michigan. It often leads to cracking and discoloration. You can significantly increase the lifetime of your patio and driveway, by adding a sealant. But, before you seal your concrete, it is essential to power wash and remove dirt, organic material like moss, and debris that could get trapped under the sealant.



2. Increase the curb appeal

Whether you will be in your home for your lifetime or you will someday be in the market to sell your home, you never get another chance to make a first impression.  Giving your driveway and patio a power wash will give your home a well-cared-for look that will be the envy of the neighbors. More importantly, you will love driving up your pristine driveway to your oasis. There is nothing better in the summer than enjoying a cold glass of lemonade outside on your clean patio.



3. Remove those back-breaking weeds

Power washing is a great way to remove pesky weeds from your driveway and patio. You can spend days removing them or you could just have a power washing company do it in an hour.



4. Get rid of ugly stains

Stains on your driveway and patio can be an eyesore. Power washing once a year will remove unsightly oil and grease from your concrete.



5. Improve your ROI

Your home is an investment property regardless of whether you are or aren’t in the market to sell it. Making sure that your investment continues to increase in value is essential and smart. By power washing your concrete patio and driveway, you are protecting your investment and improving your home’s value. Doing it yearly will ensure that your home goes up in value, not down.



Most importantly, ask your 616 REALTY agent for a referral. They have a lot of relationships with local contractors!


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