Homeowners: 17 Tips For Preparing Your Home For The Holiday Season

The holidays are coming faster and faster. It is the most cozy time of the year, and being a homeowner. You get to convert your dwelling into a holiday haven that your family can’t wait to come and enjoy. Along with that anticipation and joy, we all know there is also a lot of stress and work. Being a homeowner can add to that stress, especially if you are the host/hostess. Preparing your home and life for the holidays as far ahead of time as possible will not only help create a warm and festive atmosphere for you and your guests but will make your holidays as stress-free as possible, too.



Early November


  • Get a turkey: Plan your food and grocery shop for Thanksgiving.

  • Organize: Gather your addresses and create address labels, purchase cards and stamps.

  • Purchase your gift wrap: Get prepared for wrapping those gifts.

  • Clean and declutter: Start by giving your home a thorough, deep cleaning and decluttering. This will provide a clean and welcoming canvas for your holiday decorations.

  • Get out your serving dishes and china: Ensure you have everything for your Thanksgiving meal.

  • Plan your menu: If you’re hosting a meal, plan your holiday menu. Consider the dietary restrictions and preferences of your guests. Remember to accommodate different tastes and allergies.

  • Buy bulk gifts: If you buy gifts for office workers, teachers, or service providers, do it now. You can decide what to get and get it done early!

  • Safety first: Ensure your home is safe for guests by checking smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, and any potential tripping hazards. If you have pets, make sure they’re secure and comfortable.

  • Plan volunteer activities: Any time of year is excellent, but it is incredibly awesome during the holidays when so many people suffer. Please talk with your family about ways to help others this year during the holidays and get it on the calendar.



End of November


  • Create a welcoming entrance: The first impression of your home matters. Add a festive doormat, wreath, and outdoor decorations to make your entrance inviting.

  • Decorate: I am all about keeping up those laborious and time-consuming decorations as long as possible. Add festive decorations like wreaths, ornaments, and lights to your home. Consider a theme or color scheme for a cohesive look. Remember to decorate both the interior and exterior of your home.

  • Take care of outdoor decor: If you have outdoor holiday decorations, ensure they’re in good working order and safe to use. Check and replace any burnt-out bulbs or damaged items. Put them up!

  • Set up a holiday tree: If you celebrate Christmas, decorate a Christmas tree as a focal point of your home. For other holidays, consider a menorah, a kinara, or other holiday-specific decorations.

  • Add festive touches: Incorporate holiday-themed items like tablecloths, throw pillows, and candles into your decor. These small touches can make a big difference.

  • Create a cozy atmosphere: Add blankets and throw pillows to your seating areas for a comfortable and inviting ambiance. Light-scented candles or use essential oils to create a pleasant holiday fragrance.

  • Plan your lighting: Set the right mood with the proper lighting. Use string lights, candles, and lamps to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. Dimmer switches are a great addition to control lighting levels.

  • Stock the bar and kitchen: If you plan on hosting guests, make sure you have a well-stocked bar and a variety of snacks and appetizers on hand. This will keep everyone happy and well-fed.

  • Gift wrapping station: Set up a designated area for wrapping with all the necessary supplies. This will make wrapping gifts more efficient and less chaotic.

  • Grocery shop: Get any food and baking staples you will need so you have them ready when the desire to bake hits you.

  • Shipping: Get any gifts to the post office that must be shipped.



Beginning of December


  • Have a beverage: Break into the eggnog early!

  • Time management: Create a schedule to manage your holiday preparations and tasks. Make a to-do list and plan to reduce stress.

  • Arrange seating: Ensure you have enough seating for your guests and arrange it for good conversation and comfort. Consider extra seating options like folding chairs or floor cushions.

  • Music and entertainment: Create a holiday playlist to set the mood, and consider having some games or entertainment options available for guests, especially if you have children around.

  • Plan for overnight guests: If you’re hosting overnight guests, make sure you have enough bedding, towels, and toiletries available for them. Create a comfortable guest space.

  • Start wrapping: Wrap gifts as you purchase them so you don’t get overwhelmed.



Middle of December


  • Quick clean: Do a once-over around your home.

  • Take breaks: Go for a walk, get to the gym, read a book, and do self-care. Relax and enjoy the warm atmosphere you have created.

  • Bake: Occasionally, bake a holiday treat and freeze it so you have a large selection ready for those beautiful tins.

  • Most importantly, enjoy the process: Remember that holiday preparations should be enjoyable. Make it a family or personal tradition to decorate your home, bake holiday treats, and create cherished memories.



By following these tips, you can make your home inviting and festive for the holiday season and ensure you and your guests have a wonderful time celebrating. We at 616 REALTY hope that your holiday season is the best yet, with a lot more time to relax and enjoy.