Fulton Heights

Fulton Heights home

Fulton Heights Fulton Heights is a residential yet urban community, conveniently located near major highways and just a few minutes from downtown Grand Rapids. With a magnificent park and a lush community garden, Fulton Heights brings that tight-knit community feel to a bustling city neighborhood. Where is the Fulton Heights neighborhood? Fulton Heights is east…

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Eastown Eastown is an eclectic, walkable community just a five-minute drive from downtown Grand Rapids. Known for its progressive values, Eastown is a diverse neighborhood with a rich history. As a former streetcar thoroughfare, it’s easy to walk or bike along Eastown’s cobblestone streets to visit local shops and restaurants in beautiful, historic buildings. Where…

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Alger Heights

Alger Heights home

Alger Heights Alger Heights is an up-and-coming neighborhood in southeast Grand Rapids, Michigan. As a tight-knit, walkable community, it offers everything from beautiful parks to lively shopping centers to delicious local restaurants. Let’s take a look at the types of homes for sale in Alger Heights as well as the schools, health services, and other…

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Leaf Pick-Up & Removal Tips for Homeowners

Leaves, Leaves everywhere: Best leaf pick-up and removal tips for homeowners Fall is such a beautiful time of year. Sometimes the beauty of the season can get lost on those of us who own homes surrounded by 100 hundred year old oaks and breathtaking maples. But what if leaf pick-up and removal wasn’t as difficult…

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