Featured Agent - Angela Obasi

Raised in a big, loud, and fun family, Angela Obasi isn’t shy about stepping up and speaking up to make good things happen for her real estate clients.

A lifelong entrepreneur

From her youth, Angela was immersed in a life of entrepreneurship due to her family owning and managing restaurants around Spokane, Wash. It wasn’t long either before she worked alongside her mother managing a restaurant of their own. It was Angela’s curiosity to attend a real estate investment workshop years ago that hijacked her dreams into real estate where her talents and tenacity soared even more.

 “Once I got my real estate license, I wanted to share my knowledge with everyone,” Angela said thoughtfully. “I thoroughly enjoy showing homes and making sure my clients are taken care of 100%.”



Committed to clients –– from first-time homebuyers to fellow real estate investors

Now a wife and mother herself, she’s in tune with real estate clients of various needs, such as first-time homebuyers and even fellow real estate investors. To start, Angela makes sure her clients are fully knowledgeable about the process and the financial commitment. This includes understanding their needs, being attentive to details and resolving issues along the way, helping them locate the right property, and providing leadership during the transaction.

“My attention to detail makes it so I don’t miss certain small requests from clients that may seem trivial to the average onlooker but are very meaningful to my clients,” Angela noted.

“My leadership skills allow me to take a proactive approach in resolving issues, engaging the client holistically to anticipate their needs before they even voice it.”

Angela Obasi

Angela’s advice for homebuyers and sellers

Anticipating client needs comes from many years of experience, as does high client satisfaction. For homebuyers, Angela patiently works with them to find the right home or investment property that’s also a smart financial decision. For homesellers, she advises clients to be mindful of emotional attachments and thoughtfully guides them toward a plan and timeline that prioritizes their financial gain and future goals.

When Angela’s not with clients, she’s managing her own rental properties or spending time with her husband and children. Additionally, her extended family remains close and they often travel to be together, keeping family at the forefront of everything they do.

Choosing 616 REALTY

Back when Angela and her husband were planning a move to Grand Rapids, Mich. from Battle Creek, Mich. –– where she’d been in real estate and helping with her sister’s restaurant business –– Angela hoped to find a new broker that prioritized her financial gain and future goals.

“My husband and I were house hunting at the time, and we walked into an open house hosted by Charlene Hammontree of 616 REALTY,” Angela said. “After some discussion, Charlene set up a meeting between me and Scot Kellogg, the founder and broker who started 616 REALTY for the real estate agent, not just to fill his own pockets. Many realtors can struggle in this career due to fees for licensing, continuing education, MLS access, and marketing, but to top it all off, many brokers take a huge chunk of money from each sale. But not Scot, so I made the switch to work for 616 REALTY. Scot is great to work with and is always there when his agents need him.”