Lisa Elburn - Featured Agent

616 REALTY’s Veteran Agent Lisa Elburn Provides Expertise and Adaptability in an Ever-Changing Market


From a young age, 616 REALTY agent Lisa Elburn began appreciating architecture. “When I was young, I thought I might be an architect.” She also had an interest in housing and helping people with their big days, from picking out wedding dresses to buying a home. “I sold bridal gowns for a while.” When she became a young single parent, she realized that selling real estate would be a great career for her. She was right. Now, 26 years later, she is a veteran with a large and diverse clientele.



Adaptability is an asset 

One of the things that has led to Lisa’s diverse clientele as well as her longevity and success in real estate has been her ability to adapt to some pretty unique circumstances. Whether it was the “mortgage meltdown” in 2008 or the anomalies in the housing market in 2020 and 2021 and everything in between, Lisa knows that she can handle anything. “In order to stay in the business you have to recreate; 2008-2012, those were tough years.”


During the housing crisis of 2008, “we lost a lot of agents. They couldn’t survive. The brokerages couldn’t help. I wondered how I could help my sellers.” She knew someone in property management and started helping him, her sellers, and real estate investors.


What started as a way to survive in a crisis has evolved into something she excels at and enjoys. “I started in residential real estate, but now 50% of my clients are investors. Many of them (investors) don’t even live here. I am the eyes and ears for those clients. Many don’t  even see the property until it closes. It adds a lot of responsibility and diversity to what I do.”



We all know the foundation is key

Part of what makes adapting so easy for Lisa is her foundation. Back in the day, real estate licensing was extremely rigorous. “Even after we passed our test, we had to take a class for 40 hours a week, but that early education really provided me a foundation to go into the market today.”


It also helped that she worked for one of Michigan’s largest brokerages in the state, Westdale Better Homes and Gardens. Now she has found her forever home–616 REALTY. “It is absolutely awesome and a great place to work. They can and do accommodate a number of agents’ needs. Scot is awesome. He is always trying to provide us with new education. Scot (616 REALTY founder and broker) has his pulse on West Michigan. He is constantly asking for input from his agents. The staff is great.”



Expertise and continued growth are quintessential

“I have been through the ups and downs, I have been through high interest rates and low interest rates. High house prices and low.” But, adaptability isn’t the only attribute that makes her a successful agent. “I would describe myself as an expert in my field. It has always been my goal to learn more. I think that knowledge, that expertise, makes me an expert in my field.”


Even though she has the years and the expertise, Lisa isn’t content. “Because of the knowledge I have gained over the last 26 years, I am still always looking to learn more. You have to continue to educate yourself.”


She is also dedicated to providing her clients, every client, with million dollar service. Her clients agree. “Many of my clients are very young. I have had many of them say that they feel like they are my only client. They will hear from me multiple times a week. Things are changing so quickly, especially right now, so that is important.” She also proudly admits that she has worked with many clients on a number of transactions and relies on their referrals to get more new clients. And now, Lisa is again adapting as some of her repeat clients are aging and their needs are changing. “I am learning and helping with more estate sales.”



Advice for first time buyers

“Our market is always fluctuating. The most important thing is whether your housing currently meets your needs. If it isn’t, you should make a change. Yes, rates are higher, you are just moving your equity around.  Don’t be afraid to make a change. Focus on what are the needs of your family.”


“It still hasn’t looked this bright for you in a while. Yes, you are going to pay a little more in interest rate, but if you need a home, do it. Equity is such a wealth-builder even in the smallest way. Get your foot in the door. And, work with a professional who is going to put you in the right house. The right house isn’t necessarily going to be one that meets all your needs right now but is one that appreciates. And think, can you call me in two years because you have a job transfer? Will I be able to sell that house?  That is what I like to encourage my first time home buyers. If it is new construction, at the top of the market, you can afford it and plan to stay long term, then great. But if this is a stepping stone, let’s put you into something where in two years, in an appreciating neighborhood and with a little work, that house will gain some serious equity.”


“Do it! Get in the market! Buy your first house! Gain that equity.”



Advice for sellers

“Even though it is loosening up, it is still a seller’s market. We also have to pay attention to the most recents sales. We can’t look at sales that are four months old, which an appraiser in the past would do. But, right now, we need to look at sales that are recent. The market has changed that quickly. It is still a great market. If your needs dictate that it is time to sell, then sell. Even though you may not make what you could have made six months ago, there is nothing you can do about that. It’s still a good market.”


If you want a real estate agent with a solid foundation, the expertise of a veteran, the desire to continue to learn, and a proven track record of adaptability in an ever-changing marketing then 616 REALTY agent Lisa Elburn, is the agent for you. Make the call you won’t regret!