Mike Beaudry -- Featured Agent

Meet 616 REALTY’s Veteran Real Estate Agent and Housing Artist Mike Beaudry


Many of us spend our 20s floating from one job to another and flip-flopping back and forth about what to do with the rest of our lives. Not 616 REALTY’s agent Mike Beaudry. Instead, he purchased his first home in his early 20’s. After renovating and flipping the home, (not to mention making a decent profit), he knew he was onto something, and SOMETHING, it was and is. That early hands-on experience was the catalyst to an impressive 37 years (and counting) career in real estate and the ownership of more than 60 properties.


Learning young

“When I rehabbed my first home at 20 and flipped it, I realized this was a good thing. I went on to my next home and my next.” He got his builders license then his realtor license and even went on to get his brokerage license. “I have always thought it was important to invest in what you do. Once I got my licenses, I started investing in properties. I am all about the real estate market. It is much better than the stock market.”


“I feel like it (buying and selling homes) is my artwork. I have bought homes in terrible conditions and I go to work. And, when it is done, it is my masterpiece. I have done well over time. I have even suggested to other clients that they should rehab a home. I convince them that this one just needs a little paint, a little carpet, some sprucing up, and they can bring a lot of value to it.”


A must or a bust

Buying, selling, and renovating his own properties has also provided him with a plethora of “product knowledge.” He looks at the foundational aspects of a house (the roof, heating, plumbing, electrical), the superficial elements that can easily be changed, and the neighborhood to gauge whether the property is a must or a bust.


An experienced eye

While he admittedly doesn’t wear the “inspector hat,” and says agents shouldn’t, he admits his experience makes him more than capable as well as willing to share with clients what he sees as he walks through a home. “I can point to issues, roof leak..water damage… as well as whether any work done on the home has been done by licensed contractors or by ‘Do It Yourselfers’ who didn’t know what they were doing. I don’t hesitate to tell my clients those things. They think twice or are a little more hesitant… I share my thoughts on the value and condition of the home and share what I think about each property’s resale potential. I share the pros and cons of what they can expect over time.”


In his 37 years, he doesn’t know of any of his clients who have gotten into homes that have lost value.  “I like to envision the potential a property has; I like to see its value. It is fun to see how homes increase in value over time.”


It all evens out

Beaudry has survived many ups and downs in the market over 37 years. “I have survived some crazy times. We would have never thought in the mid 80’s we would see interest rates so high (18.45%), then down to single digits.” Beaudry also believes it all evens out, “One of the things I have learned is whether it is  a buyer’s market or a seller’s market, it is usually a wash. Sellers are getting top dollar right now, but they are also turning around and paying high prices… sometimes it is hard to explain.” But most of the time, “it is always good to be in the market.”


Home buyers

His advice to buyers right now and always is to “buy right.” “Get your hands on some real estate. It increases in value. If you can afford it, buy it. If you can’t afford it, you need to start saving and stockpiling to get into the market as soon as you can. It is very rare to see homes go down in value. Values seem to rise.”



“Current owners are at 3% and 4% with their mortgage. Now we are between 6% and 7%. Where are you going? Do you have a place to go? You have to be careful. Many are going to be thinking twice about selling because they have to jump to a hire rate. People will likely start fixing their homes.”  He also advises if you do decide to sell, “Declutter and clean!”


Why 616 REALTY

Beaudry moved to 616 REALTY two years ago when his last agency sold to a brokerage in Detroit. “I called Buckley where I started and asked him where I would fit in. He mentioned Scot (616 REALTY). I went and talked with him. Scot is so accessible to answer any questions even with all the agents. The office managers are really great too. They are friendly and helpful. It is a family. It is really comfortable. I have even encouraged a couple of other agents to move over as well.”


Why quit what you love?

Even though Beaudry has bought over 60 houses and has 37 years of real estate transactions under his belt, flipping houses and helping clients isn’t something he is likely to give up. ”I do most of the work myself. Now, at my age, I won’t do roofs or paint a house or put on siding, anything where I have to climb up a ladder, but

I love doing it.” The same goes for being an agent. “I probably won’t quit until they put me into the ground…” Beaudry adds, “My clients are my family. I have 35-plus years of referrals. I have sold homes to generations of families, three generations in some cases. They all become friends. You are helping them make one of the biggest decisions of their life.”