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From the Navy to Design Engineering and 616 REALTY Agent: Scott DeMeyer’s Journey

Scott DeMeyer’s journey unfurls like a captivating tapestry, weaving together threads of resilience, patriotism, and a steadfast commitment to real estate. Born out of a childhood curiosity about others’ career choices, Scott discovered unexpected inspiration within the realm of real estate, setting the stage for a journey marked by unwavering determination and diverse experiences.

A realtor seed is planted

Scott’s formative years in Central Michigan were shaped by a fascination with the diverse career choices he saw around him. One that stood out to him was his friend’s mom. “In grade school, one of my neighborhood friends sadly lost her father at a very young age. Her mother became a realtor and fully supported her family of three. Visiting them almost daily, I admired how professional she was, also how she was a homeowner and a respected professional in the community. It seemed like I noticed her ‘Home for Sale’ signs everywhere. I was so impressed that she used real estate to provide for her family. I knew then that it was something I admired and that could possibly interest me as a career choice someday.”

But first…

Post-high school, Scott answered the call of duty by joining the U.S. Navy. Scott shares, “Many of my relatives served in the U.S. Armed Forces. I wanted to serve my country and pay for my education at Ferris State University. Serving our country was a very humbling and honorable experience.” It opened his eyes and helped shape who he is today. 

In two years, he traveled to 15 countries. He volunteered in war-torn Eritrea, East Africa, where he helped rebuild a school destroyed by the war. It deepened his appreciation for the United States and fostered a profound love for diversity: “I understood how fortunate we are here in the U.S.” 

Scott notes, “Being part of something as large as the U.S. Navy, you get to meet others from all walks of life. It didn’t matter where you were born or what sociographic background you came from because you are all here together to work as a team for the overall good of our nation.”


His family’s immigration story is also fundamental to who Scott is today. “My great-grandparents immigrated from Belgium. I always enjoyed hearing stories about them and what they had to overcome. My heart has a special place for all immigrants, and I love assisting them as needed.”

A turning point

“I got married in August. I had been employed for a decade as a CAD Engineer for a local automotive tool and die supplier. Everything was going perfect.” Scott and his wife Andrea started construction of their dream home on the shores of Big Pine Island Lake. 

In September, Scott’s life dramatically turned during the tumultuous 2008 financial crisis. Scott faced the abrupt closure of the company he had worked at for nearly a decade. Job opportunities in his field were few and far between. “Over the year, I did receive a couple of job opportunities, but they were so low in pay or part-time. My Wife and I agreed it only made sense to stay home and work on completing the house, like painting, etc. Fortunately, my wife had a completely different career path working for the public school system.” 

They were able to persevere and even complete their home. And, about a year later, “I found employment with a competitor of the company I had worked at previously.”

His real estate start

In the aftermath of the financial crisis, Scott’s interest in real estate grew. He wanted to start getting involved in rental/developmental properties. The predicament he encountered was the increasing home values in Grand Rapids, especially in the inner-city condo market. He attributed it partly to out-of-state home buyers, mainly from California, engaging in 1031 exchanges to avoid capital gains taxes. Scott struggled to compete in the market, hesitant to overpay for properties given the economic challenges faced by friends and colleagues during the 2008 financial crisis; ultimately, he didn’t become a developer or investor but expressed, “I have a lot of respect for those who do.”

Finding himself deeply involved in the world of commercial and residential developments in downtown Grand Rapids was fortuitous. An engagement with the planning commission and historical society unfolded new opportunities, eventually guiding him toward a career as a Realtor. “I really enjoyed it and realized I could actually get paid for my work, so I decided to become a Realtor.”

Scotts of a feather…

They flock together. Selecting the right brokerage emerged as a pivotal decision for Scott. “I originally reached out to a few local real estate brokers, and some were a better fit than others. That was, overall, very hard for me as I have never been big on sales. In my opinion, many salespersons are not sincere, and I never want to come across as one who is not caring and overall fake to get a sale. That is not me. Then I met Broker/Owner Scot Kellogg of 616 REALTY. I was very intrigued by his demeanor. Not having any formal experience in sales myself, I was very impressed with how he carried himself, and I was like, ‘This guy is very sincere and overall, I can see that he cares for others.” At that point, I decided to sign with his team, and that was almost four years ago.”

Scott graduated from 616 REALTY’s Mentor Program. He notes, “With a lot of persistence and some luck, I graduated fairly quickly. 616 REALTY has some great training resources. I’ve really enjoyed being part of the 616 Family and hearing all my comrades’ stories. 616 REALTY has some awesome agents and an awesome staff.”

Building sincere relationships: the key to success

For Scott, success in real estate transcends mere sales figures. Whether managing one sale or a hundred, he believes that true success lies in finding genuine enjoyment in the work. “In my opinion, I don’t care if you have had one home sale or 100 sales in the last year; if you truly enjoy what you are doing, you are successful.” 

Scott also highlights the importance of building sincere relationships with clients and guiding them through the emotional highs and lows of real estate transactions. “It’s a very honorable experience having a client choose me to represent them.” 

His love for diversity extends into his work as a real estate agent. Scott covers a broad area from West Michigan to Central Michigan, allowing him to work with diverse demographics. His affiliation with the Grand Rapids Association of Realtors (GRAR) further allows him to appreciate and contribute to the varied sociographic landscapes within the region.

Scott also works with a diverse range of properties, including both residential and commercial properties. And the more challenging, the better. “I really enjoy how every real estate transaction is completely different than each other. I like to tackle challenges head-on, and when I sign up for something, I’m 100% on board. I firmly believe that your overall success in real estate depends on how much you put into it.” 

Scott puts his heart and soul into being a Realtor and a Design Engineer. He is driven by a commitment to helping others and serving the wonderful, diverse population that makes up this country. He loves the challenges and the rewards the profession brings. Ultimately, Scott’s story serves as an inspiration, showcasing how diverse experiences can shape a successful and fulfilling career in the world of real estate. 


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