Marty Kellogg - Featured Agent

Marty Kellogg–Builder, Agent, Unicorn


Finding an agent who is genuine, hard-working, and thorough can sometimes be difficult. Finding one who has all those characteristics and can pinpoint a home’s value from the foundation to the roof, can be like finding  a four-leaf clover, a needle in the proverbial haystack, a unicorn. But 616 Realty’s Marty Kellogg fits that unicorn bill. With 200 homes under his belt as a licensed contractor and many years as a licensed real estate agent, Marty has a diverse perspective and a breadth of experience and knowledge from the furnace to the kitchen sink!


Marty started in building with the family construction business before he even graduated high school, and he hasn’t veered too far from that path. As the brother of 616 Realty’s Owner/Broker Scot Kellogg, he is proud to be part of the firm’s “family” of agents. “We have the best agents. We have all the state of the art technology, …and we are held accountable to the mission,” which is to ‘make dreams real’ in Michigan.  


When Marty takes home buyers through a home, he looks at it from a number of perspectives: contractor, agent, and layperson. He can pinpoint what the floors are made of, the quality of the windows, and the value of all the fixtures used in a home. This knowledge helps his clients make informed decisions about whether they are buying a money pit or making a great investment. “Everyday my building helps. I can point out whether it is new construction. And, in every house, I can tell the quality of the home; I can certainly tell if it was a DIY or hired out.” 


Marty’s construction background can also be extremely valuable to a homeowner looking to sell. He provides clients with informed assessments of their homes and can make qualified judgments on what improvements need made and which will yield a high return on investment. Likewise, he can help sellers determine the right price tag based on a home’s value, quality, and the current market. Marty’s years of experience in a single industry have also developed a couple of other highly-valued, and unicorn-like attributes:  follow through and follow up. “Everyday I will know where we are and …how far along we are to closing, and I will continually be in touch.”


For Marty, one of the many highlights as an agent was when he helped a client get her credit score up and purchase the right home in the right neighborhood. Five years later, the same client was forced to sell her home. She found that her home value had doubled! With Marty’s help and maybe a touch of unicorn magic, she was able to sell her home, purchase a RV, and realize a dream of her’s to travel the country. 


Marty’s advice to first time home owners is to get prequalified so that they know what they can and can’t afford. And his advice to sellers, spend money to make money. “Stage your home. A $500 stage job will get them back $5000. Get it clean and ready to show.”

Agent  Marty Kellog, may not really hold magical powers like a unicorn, but he does have something just as good, vast knowledge, genuineness, work ethic, follow through, and a passion for the people he helps and the business he is in.


When Marty isn’t working, perusing homes online, and admiring architecture, he enjoys spending time with his wife and two children and getting out to fish whenever he can.